Scroll, a network leveraging zero-knowledge proofs to enhance Ethereum’s (zKEVM) scalability, has officially launched its mainnet.

This marks a significant milestone in the journey of Scroll, spanning over 15 months, to create a platform that offers a user experience similar to Ethereum while reducing fees, increasing speed, and achieving unlimited scalability.

Innovation and Collaboration

The successful launch of Scroll’s mainnet follows extensive testing and auditing on three testnets.

In collaboration with the Ethereum Foundation and the open-source community, Scroll has introduced zkEVM technology, a unique innovation compatible with Ethereum’s bytecode-level EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine).

A Milestone for Scroll and Ethereum

Scroll’s mainnet launch represents a significant achievement for both Scroll and Ethereum, expanding the possibilities for decentralized applications and seamless value transfer. Scroll’s initial focus will be onboarding infrastructure providers such as node operators and validators.

Scroll zKEVM Testnets Excel: 450K Smart Contracts, 90M Transactions | Source: Scroll

Their roadmap includes the development of a decentralized proof network and sequencer, enabling future airdrops and coin issuance. Scroll’s testnets have demonstrated their performance and potential through the deployment of over 450,000 smart contracts, processing more than 90 million transactions, and generating 280,000 ZK proofs.

Further, Sandy Peng, co-founder of Scroll, emphasizes their goal to enhance user and developer experiences while promoting the adoption of layer 2 solutions on Ethereum.

Efficiency and Compatibility of Scroll and zkEVM

Peng highlights the significance of zkEVM to developers, emphasizing its ability to batch proofs efficiently, resulting in faster transaction speeds at reduced costs. Additionally, Bytecode-level compatibility is a crucial element in this process.

SGX-Based Prover for Scroll Upgrade

The Scroll team is actively developing an SGX-based second prover to enable a functioning Multi-Prover on the Scroll network. Furthermore, this upgrade is set to enhance the network’s capabilities and reliability, ensuring uninterrupted operation even if the sequencer goes offline.

Community-Driven Network

Scroll is built on principles of community empowerment, inclusivity, and openness. Further, through global developer engagement activities, workshops, and ZK research education initiatives, the network has fostered connections with individuals worldwide.

In addition, operating across 26 different countries, Scroll’s distributed team promotes collaboration and interaction within local communities.

Renowned as one of Ethereum’s most significant zkEVM networks, Scroll’s mainnet launch signifies a groundbreaking milestone for both Scroll and Ethereum. It ushers in a new era of scalability and exciting progress offering a solution that closely resembles Ethereum while enhancing its features and benefits.

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