Securitize, a leading digital securities firm, has taken a significant step towards broadening investor access to alternative assets within the private market sector. This is with the acquisition of Onramp Invest, a cryptocurrency fund manager with over $40 billion in assets under management. Notably, this move is set to reshape the landscape of registered investment advisers (RIAs) and their clients’ portfolios.

Enhancing Access and Unlocking a Wealth of Opportunities

Securitize’s strategic move aims to simplify and enhance the accessibility of private equity, private credit, and secondary asset classes for RIAs. By joining forces with Onramp Invest, Securitize is poised to revolutionize the way investors engage with these alternative investment opportunities.

The acquisition of Onramp Invest brings together two industry leaders, each contributing unique strengths to the partnership. Onramp’s established platform caters to a diverse community of RIAs across the United States. This is with a combined asset pool exceeding $40 billion.

Also, notable names in the cryptocurrency and finance sectors have chosen Onramp’s platform to manage their assets. These include Wisdom Tree, Valkyrie Invest, Global X and Coindesk.

An image from the press release to announce Securitize and Onramp partnership

The collaboration between Securitize and Onramp Invest results in an expanded range of options for RIAs and their clients. Through Onramp Invest’s user-friendly dashboard, RIAs can now offer investments in tokenized alternative asset classes such as private equity, private credit, and real estate.

This strategic alignment further enables RIAs to provide their clients with access to a diversified portfolio of alternative investments. Subsequently, this will opening doors to new avenues of wealth generation.

A Natural Extension of Services Built on a Strong Foundation

Securitize’s CEO, Carlos Domingo, highlights the seamless synergy between Onramp Invest’s existing offerings and the introduction of tokenized alternative assets. He also emphasizes that the partnership facilitates the integration of wealth-generating private market alternative assets into the RIAs’ service spectrum.

Notably, this acquisition is a natural progression of the collaboration initiated between Securitize and Onramp Invest in March 2023. The prior partnership centered on facilitating distributed access to tokenized private equity funds from esteemed investment firms like Hamilton Lane. At the time, Onramp Invest’s platform already catered to RIA firms with a collective AUM exceeding $35 billion.

Continued Innovation and Expansion

Securitize’s recent move comes on the heels of its successful tokenization of equity in the Spanish real estate investment trust, Mancipi Partners, in June. The firm is set to take its innovations a step further by launching secondary trading on the Avalanche blockchain, with the anticipated launch date in September.

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