Shiba Inu’s layer-2 scaling solution, known as Shibarium, is making waves in the cryptocurrency world, continuously setting new records for transaction volume and network expansion.

Shibarium Rapid Transaction Growth

Shibariumscan data reveals that the total number of transactions processed on this L2 blockchain solution has surpassed an impressive three million. Remarkably, Shibarium achieved this milestone in less than a month from its official launch at the end of August.

Shibarium transactions

Currently, Shibarium boasts an average daily transaction count of nearly 44,000, showcasing its robust and growing user base. The network experienced a peak in mid-September, with over 200,000 transactions recorded in a single day, highlighting its scalability and popularity.

Expanding Wallet Addresses

In addition to its transaction volume success, Shibarium has seen significant growth in the number of wallet addresses. Moreover, the total count recently crossed the 1.25 million mark, reflecting a substantial and engaged user community.

Moreover, Shibarium, a hot topic in the crypto sphere, has a clear mission – to support the development of Shiba Inu by enhancing transaction speed and reducing costs. By achieving these objectives, the cryptocurrency aims to gain a competitive edge establish itself as a leader in the industry.

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