In the vast world of cryptocurrencies, there is an undeniable appeal to become a prominent smart contract platform to build crypto network.

Ethereum, ever since its launch in 2015, has reigned supreme without any chain successfully dethroning it. However, the network’s congestion issues and high fees have compelled developers and investors to explore viable alternatives. This scenario presents an exceptional opportunity for competing protocols to step into the spotlight.

Co-opting Solana Hacker Houses to channel investor networking

Among them, Solana, a smart contract platform, is strategically leveraging an interesting low-fi technique to surge ahead. This is the organisation of in-person Hacker Houses to successfully build crypto network.

The Solana Foundation, serving as the host, orchestrates these Solana Hacker Houses. The word has been adopted by the widely recognised term popularised in Silicon Valley. 

Consequently, these events aim to attract individuals from various backgrounds. It includes novice developers seeking guidance, seasoned developers searching for potential collaborators, and investors looking for promising projects. 

Initially sprouting as an informal offshoot of coders at Breakpoint Lisbon in 2021, these Hacker Houses have rapidly evolved. They have transformed into a vital component of the Solana ecosystem. 

Solana Hacker Houses trading view via crypto networking in a mobile phone for investors

Further, they now stand as one of the few consistent real-world gathering opportunities for a community primarily connected through digital channels. With a total of 29 Hacker Houses held across the globe, Solana’s commitment to fostering in-person interactions is evident.

Moreover, Solana Hacker Houses occur approximately once or twice a month, often in vibrant cities such as Barcelona, Paris, or Miami. These locations serve as the backdrop for immersive and collaborative experiences. 

Chain-effect strengthening the value of networks via Solana Hacker Houses

One notable event among Solana’s Hacker Houses was Sol.Ladies. It was a groundbreaking gathering specifically designed to highlight women developers within the Solana ecosystem. 

Over the course of four days, attendees at these Hacker Houses gather around long tables, facing a central stage. Consequently, this is where developers present their projects, ideas, and innovations to build crypto network. 

In addition, such presentations spark conversations and provide opportunities for knowledge-sharing and synergistic partnerships. In one corner of the room, NFT art pieces are elegantly displayed in physical frames, adding a touch of creativity to the environment. 

On the opposite side, Solana developers and sponsored hosts conduct “office hours,” allowing attendees to engage in meaningful discussions and seek advice.

Attendees are greeted with a unique experience tailored to the crypto world

Each participant is prompted to download a crypto wallet by scanning a QR code. The wallet not only facilitates seamless interaction within the event but also includes a small incentive in the form of $3 USDC (a stablecoin). It can be used to claim a daily “free” coffee. 

Lastly, this combination of technology and hospitality sets the stage for a truly immersive experience. In addition, it encourages attendees to actively participate, collaborate, and explore the potentials of the Solana ecosystem.

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