In affirmation of the impending STRK token airdrop, Starknet Foundation has verified the completion of the snapshot, as divulged in a December 1st update on X.

Nevertheless, a subset of the community has misconstrued the recent snapshot’s emergence, incorrectly assuming an imminent token distribution. Starknet Foundation has clarified that these snapshots are gleaned from embryonic versions of front-end interfaces and do not mirror the actual drop.

The Foundation conveyed;

“Please be apprised that the snapshots encapsulated provisional schemes still in the developmental phase. The cutoff for any criteria dictating token recipients or quantities is now in the past, impervious to any contemporary actions or activities influencing eligibility. Official criteria and specifics regarding allocation modalities will be disseminated upon their finalization.”

Starknet Foundation’s Token Allocation Plans

Starknet Foundation's Token Allocation Plans

Simultaneously, the Ethereum-centric layer-2 network has affirmed its intention to eventually allocate tokens to specific users and contributors. Yet, conclusive determinations regarding this allotment remain pending.

The Foundation disclosed that considerations for dispensing tokens to particular users/contributors based on historical engagements are ongoing. Technical teams are exploring diverse interfaces, with some slated for potential public unveiling and others possibly remaining proprietary.

This explication follows the proliferation of diverse screenshots on social platforms purporting to be a distribution portal for the STRK token. These visuals garnered considerable attention due to prior hints from StarkWare, the architects of Starknet, regarding a plausible token launch last year.

However, Starknet Foundation underscored that these screenshots depict a preliminary iteration and do not necessarily encapsulate the ultimate product. The Foundation emphasized;

“Kindly acknowledge that the screenshots harbored provisional blueprints still in evolution.”

Starknet Achieves Top-Ten Status in Layer-2 Networks

Starknet has been operational since February 2022, securing a position among the top ten layer-2 networks based on aggregate value locked, according to L2beat data.

Furthermore, users were advised to maintain vigilance against potential fraudulent activities that frequently accompany airdrop declarations.

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