TMN Global proudly announces the successful inclusion of its proprietary TMNG token on the MEXC cryptocurrency exchange on December 1. This strategic alliance marks a significant achievement for TMN Global within the cryptocurrency sphere.

TMN Global serves as a platform, integrating conventional investments in technology metals, rare earth metals, and precious metals. This integration leverages the contemporary advantages of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

The result is a comprehensive approach that combines traditional investment practices with cutting-edge financial technologies.

The primary function of TMNG is to serve as a payment token. This token facilitates the acquisition of tangible assets, specifically metals, available in the TMN Global store. Users can utilize TMNG to make transactions for these valuable assets.

MEXC: A Cryptocurrency Powerhouse Shaping the Future of Digital Asset Trading

MEXC, a well-established entity in the cryptocurrency domain, consistently secures a place among the top 15 centralized exchanges. With a daily trading volume averaging one billion US dollars, MEXC has firmly positioned itself as a major influencer in the digital asset market.

Notably, TMN Global expresses gratitude for its partnership with MEXC exchange. MEXC, established in 2018, serves over 10 million users across 170 nations. This collaboration signifies a significant milestone for TMN Global in the crypto space.

MEXC’s dedication to industry standards and professionalism aligns seamlessly with TMN Global’s fundamental principles.

Featuring industry-leading characteristics such as the most competitive fees, outstanding liquidity, and a cutting-edge security system, MEXC stands out as a premier cryptocurrency exchange. With a high-performance trading engine, MEXC sets new benchmarks for efficiency and performance in the cryptocurrency trading domain.

Moreover, this engine is capable of processing an impressive 1.4 million transactions per second. The result is an industry-leading standard that enhances the overall trading experience for users

TMN Global and MEXC: A Secure Partnership Shaping Crypto History

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Security is of utmost importance for both TMN Global and MEXC, with servers independently hosted across various countries to ensure optimal data integrity and user protection. This commitment to safety mirrors TMN Global’s resolve to provide a secure environment for its investors and users.

However, the collaboration between TMN Global and MEXC represents a historic milestone in the cryptocurrency realm. It introduces the world to a pioneering token, granting users access to technology metals and rare earth metals.

Furthermore, this groundbreaking development sets the stage for a new era in the intersection of digital assets and tangible resources. The official listing on MEXC, commencing December 1, unlocks doors to exciting prospects, heightened liquidity, and an expanded reach for TMN Global’s vision.

Users are encouraged to anticipate further updates as both entities embark on this thrilling journey together.

Bridging Traditional Metal Investments with Blockchain Innovation

Notably, established in 2021, EREA World AG, a Zug, Switzerland-based blockchain company, manages the TMN Global platform and the native TMNG payment token.

In collaboration with Europäische Metallhandels (EMH) AG, TMN Global combines traditional investments in technology metals, rare earth metals, and precious metals. This amalgamation seamlessly integrates the benefits of blockchain and cryptocurrencies into the world of metal investments.

TMNG serves as a payment token for the acquisition of tangible assets (metals) from the TMN Global shop.

MEXC Cryptocurrency Exchange: Global Leader in High-Performance Trading

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Notably, established in 2018, MEXC is renowned for its high-performance and mega transaction matching technology, catering to over 10 million users in more than 170 countries.

With the goal of becoming the preferred platform for both novice traders and seasoned investors, MEXC emphasizes its global presence. However, the exchange is committed to adhering to regulatory compliance, ensuring a secure and trustworthy environment for users.

The exchange boasts a high-performance trading engine, meticulously crafted by experts from the banking industry. This engine achieves a remarkable feat, processing an impressive 1.4 million transactions per second. The result is unparalleled efficiency and enhanced performance in the world of cryptocurrency trading.

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