In Sydney, Australia, Forrester (Nasdaq: FORR) has unveiled the conference agenda for Technology & Innovation APAC 2023. The event, set for October 31 to November 1, 2023, will offer in-person and digital formats.

This conference aims to equip technology leaders with the tools and knowledge needed for today’s evolving business landscape. It will emphasize harnessing the potential of generative AI.

In the ever-changing business world, leaders must meet current customer needs and anticipate future demands. Forrester stresses aligning technology strategies with core business priorities to boost customer value and drive growth. They also emphasize exploring emerging technologies like generative AI to transform existing practices.

The mission of Tech & Innovation APAC 2023 is clear: it aims to empower chief information officers, chief technology officers, chief digital officers, and other technology leaders. Their mission is to help these leaders create and execute technology strategies that drive business growth.

This year’s event is not just about learning but also celebrating success. Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories and Union Bank of the Philippines (UnionBank) will both receive well-deserved recognition. Specifically, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories will be honored with Forrester’s Technology Strategy Impact Award.

Meanwhile, UnionBank will be presented with the Enterprise Architecture Award for Asia Pacific. These prestigious awards acknowledge organizations that have effectively implemented outcome-driven, customer-centric technology strategies. These strategies have played a pivotal role in accelerating their business growth.

The conference agenda is packed with keynote presentations. These presentations will be delivered by distinguished Forrester and industry thought leaders. Among them are Aboitiz Equity Ventures CISO Charmaine Valmonte, Stela Solar, director of the Australia National AI Centre, Kathryn King, general manager of the Australia eSafety Technology and Strategy Group, and George F. Colony, founder and CEO of Forrester.

George F. Colony will kick off the event with the opening presentation titled “The Generative AI Imperative.”

Highlights from the conference agenda

  • Technology’s Pivotal Role in Driving Customer-Centric Growth: This keynote session explores how collaborative efforts between tech leaders and colleagues in marketing, digital, sales, product, and customer experience can fuel growth.
  • Reflecting on the Momentum of Australia’s AI Ecosystem: In a rapidly evolving AI landscape, this session examines strategies for developing and deploying responsible AI solutions to capture opportunities while managing risks.
  • Leadership in the Age of Rapid Technological Advancements: This session focuses on fostering a culture of learning that encourages experimentation with new technologies while ensuring psychological safety.
  • The Promise and Peril of Generative AI for Tech: Beyond ChatGPT, this panel discussion explores various aspects of generative AI, including image generation, data generation for scientific exploration, and TuringBots that generate code, shedding light on its implications for tech organizations.
  • Predictions for 2024: In this session, Forrester will provide insights and forecasts for the upcoming year, guiding attendees on leveraging these insights to gain a competitive edge.

Exploring the Future with Generative AI Insights

Exploring the Future with Generative AI Insights

Sam Higgins, the principal analyst at Forrester and the event’s host, points out that technology leaders are facing significant pressure. Their challenge is to utilize emerging technologies like generative AI effectively to stay competitive.

Higgins highlights that Technology & Innovation APAC offers a crucial platform for tech leaders. Here, they can gain insights into both immediate and future applications of generative AI.

Additionally, the event will share best practices for prioritizing technology investments. These practices help expedite value realization and enable the development of robust, adaptable, and innovative strategies. These strategies are vital for long-term growth.

Attendees who join in person will enjoy several advantages. They can participate in facilitated discussions and gain exclusive one-on-one access to Forrester analysts.

Additionally, they have the opportunity to engage in special sessions, including the Women’s Leadership Forum and the Executive Leadership Exchange.. Digital attendees will enjoy full access to all conference sessions and sponsors via the event platform.

Forrester’s Technology & Innovation APAC 2023 is set to be a pivotal event. It’s a must-attend for technology leaders aiming to stay ahead of the curve. The event focuses on harnessing the power of generative AI to propel their organizations toward sustained growth.

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