The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) is taking a monumental leap forward in the global digital assets landscape by partnering with Fireblocks, a digital asset platform. The new collaboration aims to provide institutional-grade digital asset solutions for regulated entities in Israel.

Promising Step Towards Revolutionizing the Industry

The TASE and Fireblocks have joined forces to introduce a range of new digital asset products and services in Israel. Importantly, this collaboration combines the TASE’s market presence and experience with Fireblocks’ expertise in moving, storing, and issuing digital assets.

Orly Grinfeld, TASE’s clearing executive, expressed her excitement about the partnership with Fireblocks. She further emphasized that this collaboration symbolizes the TASE’s dedication to delivering secure, regulated, and innovative digital asset solutions. Additionally, it will be marking a significant milestone in the global digital assets landscape.

Building on the Success of Project Eden and Expansion

Furthermore, the collaboration with Fireblocks builds upon the success of Project Eden, which focused on the application of blockchain infrastructure for the issuance and settlement of digital government bonds. Fireblocks and crypto firm BlockFold were part of the proof-of-concept phase of the project, completed in June 2023.

As early as October 2022, the TASE announced its plans to create a blockchain-based digital asset platform. The exchange aimed to explore various options, including the integration of innovative technologies into existing infrastructure and the development of specialized platforms for digital assets.

In March 2023, the TASE proposed to expand crypto trading activities to non-banking members. Under this proposal, non-banking members would serve as licensed providers for crypto trading and custodial services. This will further enhance the accessibility and adoption of digital assets in Israel’s economy.

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