THORSwap, powered by the multichain THORChain protocol, has entered a crucial phase termed as “maintenance mode.” This decision, implemented on Oct. 6, aims to thwart potential unauthorized movement of funds within the platform.

Immediate Action Amid Ongoing Challenges

Acknowledging the persistent misuse of the DEX, THORSwap took decisive action after thorough consultation with advisers, legal experts, and law enforcement authorities. The urgency of the situation prompted the implementation of immediate measures to counteract potential illicit fund movements.

Bad actors often exploit cross-chain platforms like THORSwap to transfer funds across multiple blockchains, seeking to render them untraceable. THORSwap openly acknowledges this challenge and commits to finding a permanent solution to counter such misuse.

THORSwap emphasized that the maintenance mode will persist until a more permanent and robust solution is implemented, ensuring the sustained security and integrity of the platform. This proactive stance reflects the commitment to the long-term security and reliability of THORSwap.

Community Reaction and Company Intent

While the temporary suspension garnered mixed reactions within the community, THORSwap attributes this decision to its dedication to serving customers over the long term. The company, however, has not disclosed additional details regarding ongoing investigations and plans for remediation.

Wider Industry Impact

As THORChain intensifies its security measures before resuming services, the broader decentralized finance (DeFi) landscape witnesses significant developments. Yield Protocol, a DeFi lending protocol, has chosen to permanently cease operations, citing a combination of limited business demand and escalating regulatory pressures in the United States, Europe, and the United Kingdom.

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