On Wednesday (local time), Dunamu, the blockchain and fintech firm overseeing Upbit, South Korea’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, announced that Upbit has achieved the ISO 22301 certification.

This global standard evaluates a company’s business continuity management system (BCMS), specifically assessing its ability to protect against and respond to disruptive events.

The certification, obtained from the U.S. International Accreditation Service (IAS) on November 6, underscores Upbit’s dedication to security and resilience.

ISO 22301 Certification: Ensuring Business Stability and Mitigating Risks

The ISO 22301 certification specifically gauges a company’s proficiency in sustaining continuous and stable business operations by effectively addressing prevention, response, and recovery in the face of accidents, natural disasters, and other unforeseen events.

The certification offers several advantages. It serves as evidence of compliance with legal requirements. Additionally, it positions the company as a competitive player in the market. Moreover, it helps mitigate the potential for substantial damage.

Companies aspiring to attain this certification must proactively prepare for unforeseen disruptions by assessing the potential impact on business operations and establishing recovery timelines.

Implementing relevant policies to expedite recovery is a prerequisite for certification. Furthermore, enterprises must undergo an annual follow-up audit and a renewal audit every three years to maintain the certification.

Upbit Secures ISO 22301 Certification for Enhanced Security and Reliability

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Dunamu emphasized its commitment to bolstering service reliability and safeguarding investor assets, stating;

“We obtained the certification to protect user assets and provide uninterrupted services in the face of external influences.”

The company pledged to persist in its efforts to be recognized as the most trustworthy cryptocurrency exchange.

Upbit has previously achieved other ISO certifications, including ISO 27001 for information security, ISO 27017 for information security in cloud computing, and ISO 27701 for privacy management.

In 2021, the exchange also secured the ISMS-P certificate, administered by Korea’s Ministry of Science and ICT and Personal Information Protection Commission, focusing on information security and personal information management.

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