In the realm of digital innovation, two visionary teenage entrepreneurs Álvaro Pintado Santaularia and Alexander Baikalov have introduced a groundbreaking decentralized storage solution. It goes by the name, representing a significant leap in the world of technology.

Securing a financial boost of €300,000, as of October 17, according to a statement shared with CryptoSlate, the project has effectively obtained funding in a pre-seed round. This achievement has valued the enterprise at a remarkable €1.4 million.The financial infusion has a specific purpose.

It’s intended to resolve the limitations found in conventional Web2 storage solutions. Simultaneously, it aims to establish as the Web3 alternative to Dropbox. Pioneering Decentralized Storage Solution and Strategic Domain Investment

Remarkably, this storage system signifies the world’s pioneering example of user-controlled, open-source Web3 decentralized storage solution software. As part of their product launch initiative, new users receive a generous allocation of 100 gigabytes of complimentary storage space.

Concurrently, the acquisition of the domain represents a strategic investment by the founders, with the aim of fostering widespread adoption.

Notably, the domain stands as one of Spain’s most opulent web domain acquisitions in history, boasting a value of €115,000, equivalent to roughly $120,000. The Paradigm of Decentralized Storage departs markedly from conventional centralized storage models. Empowering Data Control in the Web3 Era

Web3.0 leverages blockchain technology to provide heightened security and protect data privacy while granting users complete control. This unique approach empowers users to retain ownership of their data within a decentralized ecosystem, free from any single points of possession or authority.

Moreover, affords users the opportunity to function as node operators by contributing storage capacity to the system, thus reaping corresponding incentives. With its primary emphasis on user autonomy and data privacy, this platform is primed to redefine the landscape of both storage solutions and the Web3 sector.

Álvaro Pintado Santaularia, the CEO and Creator of, has offered clarity regarding the platform’s origins. It emerged from a pressing necessity to tackle the prevailing issues linked to Web2 storage solutions.

He has explicitly noted that the dominance of corporate giants has given rise to significant concerns surrounding individual data privacy.

“The vision of is to reconfigure the existing data storage milieu, offering a more user-centric and transparent framework that serves the ultimate welfare of the individual.”

Álvaro Pintado and Alexander Baikalov’s Technical Prowess and Innovation Journey

Over the years, the founders have showcased their deep technological expertise. At the tender age of 17, Álvaro Pintado, the CEO, authored “The Decentralized Financial System.” This accomplishment underscores his deep comprehension of decentralized technologies.

Likewise, Alexander Baikalov, serving as the company’s Chief Technology Officer, embarked on freelance work at the age of 15. This further emphasizes their exceptional technological expertise.

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