Obinna Iwuno, the President of the Stakeholders in Blockchain Association of Nigeria (SiBAN), has passionately called on the government to swiftly implement regulations that will pave the way for the comprehensive integration of Nigeria’s Blockchain Policy.

The policy, approved by former President Muhammadu Buhari in May, is poised to catalyze economic growth, job creation, and increased financial inclusion within the country.

SiBAN’s President Speaks Out

Iwuno stressed the urgency of establishing a forward-thinking regulatory framework. This was during an insightful interview at the National Information Technology Development Agency. He emphasized the need for a robust approach that accelerates the infusion of blockchain technology across various sectors of the economy.

Furthermore, Iwuno expressed confidence in Nigeria’s readiness to embrace blockchain technology fully. He underscored the significance of the government’s blockchain policy, positioning Nigeria as a trailblazer in the continent’s digital economy landscape when fully implemented. According to him, the alignment of industry stakeholders, regulators, and operators signifies a historic moment. Furthermore, it will mark the readiness for full adoption.

Unlocking the Potential of Blockchain

The National Blockchain Policy outlines the far-reaching potential of blockchain technology. It envisions the technology as a catalyst for economic growth, a solution for job creation. Importantly, it sees it as a tool to address the persistent challenge of financial inclusion.

Iwuno echoed these sentiments, noting that in a world where technological advancements propel leading nations, positioning Nigeria as a global contender is not just a governmental initiative but a collaborative effort.

Collaboration for Global Leadership

Iwuno also highlighted the collaborative efforts between industry stakeholders and the government. This joint initiative aims to transform Nigeria into a global blockchain hub. The journey toward integrating blockchain into Nigeria’s mainstream is not only a strategic move but a collective determination to assert Nigeria’s leadership on the global stage.

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