In a recent episode of Joe Rogan’s podcast, Sam Altman, founder of Worldcoin and CEO of OpenAI, voiced his profound apprehensions. He articulated his concerns about what he views as the U.S. government’s increasing efforts to regulate and assert control over the cryptocurrency sector.

Altman even drew a parallel, likening these governmental actions to a full-scale ‘conflict’ aimed squarely at the crypto industry.

Altman shared his sentiments. He stated;

“There are numerous aspects of recent governmental actions that have left me disheartened. But the relentless assault on crypto, the stance of ‘we must maintain absolute control,’ is the one that particularly saddens me about our nation.”

Rogan, in his characteristic style, interjected;

“The truly captivating cryptocurrency, in my view, is bitcoin. It holds, in my opinion, the most plausible potential to evolve into a universally accepted and viable currency. Its supply is inherently limited, and individuals can mine it using their own computer resources. That, to me, is profoundly intriguing, and I appreciate the fact that it has been successfully implemented.”

Altman, reflecting on his own involvement in initiating the Worldcoin project several years ago, added;

“I share your enthusiasm for the same reasons. Nevertheless, I firmly believe that the concept of a global currency existing beyond the influence of any single government represents a highly rational and significant advancement in the technological landscape.”

When discussing the regulatory landscape in the aftermath of the collapse of cryptocurrency firms such as FTX, Altman clarified his stance. He emphasized that he is not inherently against regulation, recognizing its essential role.

However, he highlighted a crucial point. Altman stated, “It’s imperative to note that despite a plethora of existing regulations, they did not ensure our safety.”

Altman also raised concerns about the implications of transitioning to a technologically empowered world. This transition promotes innovation but concurrently exposes vulnerabilities to corruption. He expressed his apprehension, saying, “I’m deeply concerned about the extent to which surveillance may proliferate in such a scenario. In a world where transactions are primarily digital, even when utilizing bitcoin, there is the potential for entities to monitor these financial flows.”

Rogan concurred, adding, “I share your apprehensions regarding central bank digital currencies, especially in relation to their linkage to social credit scoring—a concept I strongly oppose.”

Sam Altman Perspective on Cryptocurrency Challenges and Regulatory Developments

The Securities and Exchange Commission’s legal actions against cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase and Binance this year have raised concerns. These actions allege violations of U.S. securities laws. They have been widely perceived within the cryptocurrency community as part of a broader regulatory clampdown.

In March, Galaxy Digital’s CEO, Michael Novogratz, openly discussed the challenges confronting the crypto industry in Miami. He also speculated about the potential for a comprehensive and coordinated crackdown. This scenario has been dubbed by some as “Operation Choke Point 2.0.”

In July, Senator Elizabeth Warren took action by reintroducing a cryptocurrency bill. She garnered support from a banking policy consortium for this initiative. The bill specifically targets the illicit use of cryptocurrencies in money laundering, drug trafficking, and financing terrorism and rogue nations.

Notably, Worldcoin has encountered considerable scrutiny from both the cryptocurrency community and various authorities since its launch in July. This scrutiny primarily revolves around its unique iris-scanning authentication method in exchange for its cryptocurrency, WLD.

Despite Worldcoin’s assurance that it does not retain the scanned data, privacy concerns have arisen. These concerns led to Kenya suspending Worldcoin’s operations. Additionally, Argentina initiated an investigation into the project in August.

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