Worldcoin, the innovative human ID project, made headlines in Argentina in August by registering an astounding 9,500 users in a single day. This remarkable achievement was orchestrated by facilitators who skillfully onboarded participants, averaging less than nine seconds per person.

With a network of facilitators in 38 locations throughout Argentina, Worldcoin has a substantial presence in the country. These facilitators are mainly concentrated in the vibrant capital city of Buenos Aires.

Proving Humanity with Iris Scans

Worldcoin, a blockchain-based project, offers individuals the ability to establish their humanity by undergoing iris scans. Upon successful verification, users are issued a unique “World ID” that can be seamlessly integrated into various applications, providing irrefutable proof of their human identity.

The project’s brainchild, Sam Altman, co-founder of OpenAI, asserts that as AI programs continue to advance, such human IDs will be indispensable in distinguishing humans from artificial intelligences.

Launch, Criticism and Surge in Popularity

Worldcoin made its debut on July 25, but it was not without controversy. Privacy advocates expressed concerns about its centralization and the potential for user biometric data leaks. Despite the criticism, many Argentinians are undeterred and continue to sign up for World IDs.

In the wake of its launch, the demand for World ID verifications further surged worldwide, with August witnessing an impressive 9,500 Argentinians verifying their World IDs in a single day. This popularity boost briefly catapulted the Worldcoin app to the number one spot on the Argentine App Store.

Worldcoin rewards new users with its native coin, WLD, upon registration. Presently, new users receive a sign-up bonus of 25 WLD, equivalent to approximately 10,239.48 Argentine pesos (ARS) or $29.25 in the open market. On launch day, the 25 WLD bonus was valued at approximately 23,791 ARS or $68.

Privacy and Compliance

Worldcoin asserts its full compliance with all relevant laws and regulations governing biometric data collection and transfer. In response to privacy concerns, the Argentine government initiated an investigation into Worldcoin’s practices.

Meanwhile, the project has faced suspension in Kenya, with the Worldcoin team vigorously defending their adherence to local privacy laws.

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