In recent XRP news, XRPL Xahau Sidechain has successfully completed a comprehensive security audit of its codebase by FYEO, one of its Governance Game Validator Seats and Security partners.

This audit aimed to assess the security exposure and internal risks of the Xahau Sidechain, as well as evaluate the maturity and adequacy of its security measures. The findings from the audit provide valuable insights into the project’s security and readiness for its mainnet launch.

Xahau Sidechain Security Audit Findings

The security audit of Xahau Sidechain, conducted from October 01 to October 27, had several specific objectives. FYEO identified the following key findings:

  1. High Severity Risk
  2. Medium Severity Findings
  3. Low Severity Findings
  4. Informational Severity Findings

FYEO praised the proactive approach of the XRPL Labs team in promptly addressing and remediating all identified issues within the Xahau Sidechain codebase.

XRPL Labs’ Perspective

Xahau Sidechain Security Audit and XRPL Commitment to Development

XRPL Labs, the developers behind Xahau Sidechain, were appreciative of FYEO’s thorough audit, highlighting that the review encompassed various aspects of the sidechain, including Hooks, the burn-to-mint feature, and governance game hooks, among others.

This successful audit brings Xahau Sidechain one step closer to its anticipated mainnet launch, as it has effectively mitigated crucial security concerns.

Addressing Concerns in the XRP Community

Recently, concerns were raised within the XRP community about the possibility of Xahau Sidechain developers also abandoning XRPL entirely upon its launch. Moreover, in response to these concerns, XRPL Labs founder @WietseWind assured the community that team’s commitment to XRPL remains strong.

They also emphasized the importance of the work and innovation that Xahau Sidechain will introduce to the broader XRP ecosystem.

The successful security audit of the Xahau Sidechain also XRPL Labs’ commitment to continue contributing to XRPL’s development position. Moreover, the project to enhance the adoption of XRP through the emergence of new decentralized applications (DApps).

These positive ambitions also align with the legal victory achieved by XRP and Ripple Labs against the US SEC and the Xahau Sidechain’s advancement may expedite these goals.

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