SaitaChain Coin (STC) recently accomplished the seamless migration of tokens from the old staking platform to the Binance Smart Chain (BNB). The team announced this significant achievement via Twitter, confirming the successful distribution of new SaitaChain Coins to users’ designated wallets on the BNB Chain.

According to the official announcement, users can now access their updated STC holdings on the BNB Chain by importing the specific contract address ‘0x19ae49b9f38dd836317363839a5f6bfbfa7e319a’ into their BNB Chain wallets.

Moreover, they efficiently airdropped and exchanged all remaining tokens from the previous staking platform for STC, ensuring a smooth transition for users.

STC Availability on Centralized Exchanges (CEX) Platforms

In anticipation of the upcoming contract migration, SaitaChain revealed their ongoing efforts towards enabling STC accessibility on Centralized Exchanges (CEX) platforms. Further, the company announced that the preparatory steps for the migration have been successfully completed.

SaitaChain Successfully Completes STC Token Migration to BNB Chain

They also affirmed their readiness for the transition,

We have concluded our preparations for the migration process and are now in the phase of awaiting collaboration with CEXs to ensure a seamless integration from their end.

Additionally, the team is actively coordinating with CEXs to facilitate the inclusion of STC, making it available for trading on these platforms.

Looking Ahead

With the completion of the token migration to the BNB Chain and impending integration on CEX platforms, SaitaChain demonstrates a commitment to enhancing accessibility and usability for its community. Users can anticipate further updates regarding STC availability on CEXs, ensuring a comprehensive and user-friendly experience within the SaitaChain ecosystem.

Furthermore, SaitaChain’s successful migration to the BNB Chain and imminent integration on CEX platforms mark a significant milestone. It underlines the project’s dedication to fostering innovation and accessibility within the cryptocurrency landscape.

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