Soccer legend Cristiano Ronaldo and leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance have unveiled their highly-anticipated third NFT collection, known as the CR7 ForeverZone. This latest release features 50,000 limited-edition mystery boxes, available for free to both new and existing users of the exchange.

A Continued Collaboration – CR7 ForeverZone NFT X Binance

The CR7 ForeverZone NFT collection marks the latest chapter in the ongoing collaboration between Cristiano Ronaldo and Binance. Their partnership has a shared objective: to revolutionize fan interactions within the sports and entertainment sector and to attract more fans to the Web3 space.

Each mystery box from the CR7 ForeverZone collection grants access to a one-of-a-kind NFT inspired by CR7 himself, aiming to bring fans even closer to one of the greatest soccer players in history. Furthermore, the collection includes an array of exclusive items, such as 50 signed footballs and 50 shirts, 50 tickets for Binance Blockchain Week, and NFTs from previous Ronaldo collaborations.

In addition, one particularly exciting offering is a golden ticket NFT, which provides a unique opportunity to meet and train with Cristiano Ronaldo in person.

In a statement, Ronaldo expressed his enthusiasm for the collection, saying,

“I’ve always felt the incredible energy and support from my fans, and I wanted to engage and share with them in a way that brings us even closer together. With Binance, we are able to build this accessible connection and bring unique opportunities through our partnership, and I get to share a piece of my legacy with them.”

Binance’s Perspective

Binance’s Chief Marketing Officer, Rachel Conlan, also shared her thoughts on the partnership with Ronaldo, highlighting the groundbreaking nature of the collaboration. She said,

“As one of the greatest athletes of our era, Ronaldo isn’t just creating sports history; he’s at the forefront of an innovation revolution. With our third NFT collection, the CR7 ForeverZone Collection, we’re honored to help him share a slice of his legacy with fans as we pave the way for the Web3-driven future of sports and entertainment.”

A Collaborative Journey

Last summer, Binance and Ronaldo forged their partnership, vowing to offer Ronaldo’s fans “unprecedented experiences” through the Binance NFT platform. Additionally, this partnership led to the release of the “CR7” NFT collection, featuring seven animated statues with four rarity levels.

In July of this year, Ronaldo unveiled his second collection, “Forever CR7: The GOAT,” which included a diverse range of digital collectibles that immortalized some of his finest goals, thoughtfully organized into distinct categories.

Moreover, Ronaldo’s willingness to embrace the world of NFTs extended to him undergoing a lie detector test in September, where he answered a wide array of questions, including those related to his NFT holdings.

Further, the CR7 ForeverZone NFT collection continues to cement Ronaldo’s presence in the crypto and NFT space while providing fans with unique opportunities to engage with the legendary sports icon.

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