Jump.trade, an NFT marketplace and gaming platform under GuardianLink, has recently unveiled its new metaverse racing game called RADDX Racing Metaverse. This game features a variety of cars and incorporates Metaverse Digital Lands.

It is built on the NEAR Protocol blockchain and has undergone testing by gaming guilds, including a beta release. The game offers not only racing but also a battle feature where cars are equipped with weaponry and armor.

Additionally, non-NFT cars are available for players to experience the game before considering NFT purchases. Brands such as Flipkart and Sandbox have reportedly acquired Digital Lands within RADDX Racing Metaverse, aiming to provide a comprehensive racing experience to players.

RADDX Racing Metaverse Overview

Jump.trade, part of GuardianLink, has introduced RADDX Racing Metaverse, a metaverse racing game with unique features and gameplay. The game offers a diverse collection of cars and includes Metaverse Digital Lands. It operates on the NEAR Protocol blockchain, ensuring transparency and security.

Beta Testing and Gaming Guilds

Before its official launch, the RADDX Racing Metaverse game underwent thorough testing by gaming guilds. This testing phase allowed for fine-tuning and optimization to enhance the player experience.

Jump.trade unveils Radds racing metaverse

In addition to traditional racing, RADDX Racing Metaverse incorporates a battle feature where players can equip their cars with various weapons and armor. This adds an extra layer of excitement and competitiveness to the gameplay.

Non-NFT Cars for Trial

For players who want to try out the game before making NFT purchases, non-NFT cars are available. This feature enables potential players to familiarize themselves with the game mechanics and overall experience.

RADDX Racing Metaverse has already attracted attention from well-known brands such as Flipkart and Sandbox, both of which have acquired Digital Lands within the metaverse. This suggests growing interest in the potential of the metaverse as an engaging and immersive platform.

Kameshwaran Elangovan, COO of Jump.trade, expressed the belief that RADDX Racing Metaverse offers more than just a game; it provides a comprehensive racing experience that goes beyond traditional gaming. This underscores the ambition of RADDX Racing Metaverse to create a unique and immersive metaverse for its players.

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