NFT Collection y00ts Transitions from Polygon to Ethereum

The y00ts NFT collection, renowned for its unique and engaging digital artworks, is undergoing a major blockchain migration from Polygon to Ethereum. This move comes after a previous migration from Solana to Polygon earlier this year.

In addition, the decision to shift to Ethereum was accompanied by the return of all grants that had been provided by Polygon, marking a significant shift in the project’s trajectory.

Unifying Communities: Merging with DeGods

Frank, the founder of both y00ts and DeGod Labs, explained that the migration to Ethereum is driven by a desire to unify the communities associated with y00ts and another NFT project, DeGods. This strategic move aims to foster a cohesive and vibrant ecosystem that brings together enthusiasts of both projects.

Additionally, Frank highlighted that the upcoming Season 3 will center around DeGods, signaling a clear shift in focus for the combined initiative.

While expressing continued appreciation for Polygon’s support, DeLabs, the company behind these NFT ventures, outlined their intention to unite the communities of y00ts and DeGods.

Moreover, the decision to migrate and potentially merge demonstrates the dynamic nature of the NFT space and the adaptability of projects to evolving community preferences and market dynamics.

Positioning for the Future: DeGods’ Strong Market Presence

DeGods, one of DeLabs’ NFT creations, holds a noteworthy position in the NFT landscape. Currently ranking as the sixth-largest NFT collection in terms of market capitalization, DeGods’ market cap stands at approximately 87,150 ETH or around $161 million. T

This substantial market presence underscores the potential impact of the envisioned merger and the combined efforts of DeGods and y00ts within the Ethereum ecosystem.

Further, as the NFT space continues to evolve, DeLabs’ strategic choices reflect their commitment to leveraging emerging opportunities for growth and engagement.

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