Yat Siu, the visionary behind Animoca Brands, has extended a gracious invitation to the founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin. Interestingly, Siu’s proposal is mainly to whisk Buterin away to the vibrant city-state of Hong Kong.

Once there, Siu would serve as a seasoned guide, aiding Buterin in navigating the complex web of crypto regulations. This generous offer comes in response to Buterin’s recent expression of skepticism regarding the sustainability of Hong Kong’s crypto-friendly policies.

However, in an attempt to dispel concerns, Animoca CEO, Siu emphasizes that Animoca’s ties with Beijing should not jeopardize regulatory stability or the crypto ecosystem’s prospects. He emphatically underlines Hong Kong’s status as a bastion of the free market.

Siu further asserts that Hong Kong holds a pivotal position in China’s embrace of cutting-edge technology, particularly in the realm of web3.

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Additionally, contrary to media narratives, it’s important to note that Hong Kong has consistently ranked as one of the world’s most resilient economies. This accolade is corroborated by international organizations with no vested interest in Hong Kong’s affairs.

During his participation in the 2023 Web3 Transitions Summit in Singapore, Buterin expressed reservations. Simultaneously, he voiced concerns regarding the longevity of Hong Kong’s crypto-friendly legislation. These concerns stem from China’s stringent stance on cryptocurrencies.

Siu is not the only advocate for Buterin’s potential visit to Hong Kong. Also, Johnny Ng, a prominent local policymaker, has also extended an invitation. Ng pledges to assist with introductions to relevant agencies involved in shaping the city’s path to becoming a global crypto hub.

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Both invitations are timely, coinciding with Hong Kong’s fervent drive to attract crypto enterprises and digital asset pioneers. This endeavor includes the implementation of policies meticulously crafted to incentivize the growth of web3.

Furthermore, in addition to establishing a comprehensive licensing framework for crypto service providers, Hong Kong has taken proactive measures. These steps aim to encourage financial institutions to onboard digital asset entities as their esteemed clientele.

While primarily focused on fair crypto market regulation, authorities have swiftly acted against non-compliance using their regulatory power. For instance, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority has issued strong warnings to crypto companies. They caution these companies against making deceptive claims to financial institutions.

Moreover, Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission has issued explicit advisories, cautioning users against engaging in trading activities on JPEX, an unregistered crypto exchange.

Subsequently, law enforcement agencies took decisive action, apprehending six individuals allegedly involved in crypto fraud schemes linked to JPEX’s platform.

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