Canadian Bitcoin mining company Hut 8 is on the verge of finalizing its merger with US Bitcoin (USBTC), following approval from the Supreme Court of British Columbia.

New Hut Emerges – A Bitcoin Mining Powerhouse

The merger, which received approvals from shareholders of both companies and regulatory bodies, is now establishing “New Hut” as a U.S.-based, publicly traded entity. This new powerhouse aims to leverage an impressive 825-megawatt capacity across six Bitcoin mining and data center facilities, marking a significant expansion for both Hut 8 and USBTC.

Listing on Nasdaq and TSX

One of New Hut’s strategic moves involves listing its shares on the Nasdaq and Toronto Stock Exchanges under the ticker symbol “HUT.” This development is particularly exciting for Hut 8, which recently relocated 6,400 ASIC mining rigs all the way from an inactive facility in Ontario to Texas due to legal dispute with energy supplier Validus Power.

Strategic Alliances

Furthermore, Hut 8 has solidified a partnership with Foundry Digital, a subsidiary of the Digital Currency Group, in August 2023. This collaboration will utilize Hut 8’s Ontario-based data center to support various business offerings.

Future Prospects and Considerations for Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin Mining

While this merger marks a significant milestone for both companies, it is essential to recognize that deals of this magnitude come with inherent risks and uncertainties.

However, if all goes according to plan, the newly formed New Hut Corporation is positioned to become a prominent player in the rapidly evolving landscapes of Bitcoin mining and high-performance computing.

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