Renowned cryptocurrency luminary Ben Armstrong, formerly known as BitBoy Crypto, became entangled in a series of events during a live YouTube broadcast. These events ultimately led to his apprehension by the authorities.

Earlier in the day, Armstrong had teased his followers with a mysterious announcement, suggesting a live transmission from an exceptionally unique location.

Armstrong initially intended to confront Carlos Diaz to recover his cherished Lamborghini. However, things took an unforeseen turn when law enforcement intercepted him.This resulted in a startling revelation by the authorities. They discovered illegal narcotics hidden in BitBoy’s vehicle.

Hit Network, the parent company, cited concerns about substance dependency and ensuing financial repercussions as the primary reasons for the separation. In response, Armstrong took legal action against Hit Network, alleging a sinister collusion aimed at taking control of his business.

BitBoy Crypto Arrest Unleashes Cryptocurrency Drama

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Interestingly, the person Ben Armstrong aimed to confront in his ill-fated livestream, Carlos Diaz, reportedly has connections to Hit Network, the organization responsible for managing the BitBoy Crypto platform. The complexities surrounding this affiliation raise questions about the broader dynamics at play.

In a surprising twist, Armstrong accused Hit Network executives of issuing life-threatening messages to both him and his spouse.

During the live broadcast that resulted in his arrest, he passionately expressed deep fear for his safety, declaring, “I’ve long been haunted by the specter of mortal peril… I eagerly await law enforcement’s arrival.”

Despite police scrutiny, he persisted in the broadcast, revealing he had no weapons on him but acknowledging one in his truck.

The unfolding narrative, encompassing Ben Armstrong, BitBoy Crypto, Hit Network, and Carlos Diaz, has gripped the cryptocurrency community and beyond. Many now eagerly await the future course of this saga.

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