Crypto influencer BitBoy, also known as Ben Armstrong, is confronting a challenging situation as he claims to have been unlawfully pushed out of the company he founded, Hit Network, by its CEO and founder. This has led to legal battles and personal challenges. He claims to have received threats, extortion attempts, public humiliation, and even blackmail.

Plea for Financial Assistance

Armstrong turned to his followers for financial support in his legal battle, stating that he lacked the funds to continue the fight. He emphasized the impact of the situation on his life and urged those who had benefited from his work to help him financially.

Mixed Reactions in the Crypto Community

The crypto community has responded with mixed reactions to Armstrong’s plea. Some supporters generously contributed to his Ethereum wallet, raising nearly $57,000.

However, others expressed skepticism, questioning the legitimacy of his financial distress claims, citing his display of luxury items in videos. Debates have emerged about the ethics of influencers seeking financial assistance, with opinions divided.

Impact on BEN Token and Trust in the Crypto Community

The controversy surrounding Armstrong has also had an impact on the BEN token, with its prices experiencing fluctuations. However, this incident has highlighted the broader issue of trust in the crypto community, as trust is crucial in decentralized and often anonymous cryptocurrency transactions and interactions.

BitBoy token suffers losses

At present, BEN is trading at $0.00000001906, reflecting a 12.68% decrease from its 24-hour high. Moreover, Armstrong’s situation serves as a reminder of the challenges and ethical considerations surrounding influencers in the crypto space.

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