Bitboy, the well-known crypto influencer, has garnered a substantial sum of over $59,000 in cryptocurrency donations, which has ignited a firestorm of discontent within the crypto community.

Ben Armstrong, also known as “Bitboy,” posted a sincere video message on social media. In this video, he earnestly appealed to the crypto community for financial support. He openly discussed the emotional and financial hardships he’s facing due to his ongoing legal dispute with the Hit Network.

Amidst allegations of blackmail, public humiliation, and even death threats, Armstrong revealed that he is enduring what he describes as “the most challenging period” of his life. He argued that the Hit Network has left him in dire financial straits, rendering him unable to sustain the legal battle without external backing.

As of the current moment, the Ethereum wallet designated for donations displays a balance of $59,788, accumulated from 97 separate transactions. Nevertheless, the crypto community’s response to these developments has been one of outrage.

Controversy Surrounding Bitboy’s Crypto Donations Amidst Legal Battle

The question that has arisen within the crypto community is whether crypto donations are spiraling out of control. Many notable figures, including blockchain investigator ZachXBT, have raised questions about the sincerity of Armstrong’s plea, pointing to his recent display of a Rolex watch.

Some users have even suggested that Bitboy owns a Lamborghini, which has raised eyebrows regarding the necessity of further donations. While Armstrong has claimed that his car was seized by individuals associated with his case, there has been no independent verification of this assertion.

Prominent trading advisor Satoshi Flipper expressed deep frustration with those supporting Armstrong’s cause, while CoinMamba, another pseudonymous trader, was more direct, advising individuals to consider alternative channels for their financial contributions rather than assisting BitBoy.

These donations to Bitboy have come at a time when other cryptocurrency exchanges and platforms are actively contributing crypto assets to aid the victims of the recent earthquake in Morocco. The community has criticized donors for directing their funds towards Bitboy when a crisis affecting thousands of people is still unfolding.

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