In the Argentine primary election, Javier Milei, a fervent advocate of Bitcoin and a staunch opponent of centralized banking, clinched victory by securing the majority of cast votes. This Argentine political contender ardently champions the cause of Bitcoin and actively calls for the dismantling of the nation’s central bank, firmly establishing himself as a stalwart of libertarian principles.

Javier Milei’s beliefs are in line with pro-Bitcoin views, which has earned him significant voter support. In the primary election, he gained almost 32% of the votes after counting more than 90%. The conservative “Together for Change” party closely followed with just under 30% support, according to Bloomberg data.

At the same time, the “Union for the Homeland” coalition, leaning to the left and representing the current administration, comes in third place with slightly over 28.5% of the total vote. Milei takes charge of the “Liberty Advances” coalition (La Libertad Avanza), which spans from libertarianism to the far-right in its beliefs.

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The contours of Milei’s philosophy are underpinned by his self-identification as an anarcho-capitalist. His fervent advocacy extends to the proposition of abolishing Argentina’s central bank, which he denounces as a fraudulent institution.

He claims government-endorsed money enables deceitful control through inflation. Milei’s words strongly resonate, especially with Argentina’s people facing a staggering 116% annual inflation rate. This represents the most severe inflation witnessed in more than three decades, intensifying the country’s pressing cost of living crisis.

The looming presidential election in Argentina is scheduled for October 22nd. A candidate seeking to secure the presidency must amass at least 45% of the total vote share. Failure to achieve this threshold would trigger a decisive runoff vote, slated for November.

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