Bitget Exchange’s unexpected decision to delist TOKEN, the digital currency by TokenFi, has ignited a contentious debate within the cryptocurrency community. The move, triggered by allegations of price manipulation, occurred shortly after TOKEN’s listing on October 27.

As a response to the delisting, Bitget introduced a 5-day buyback plan, scheduled for completion by November 7. TOKEN holders on Bitget will receive compensation equivalent to its peak trading value, converted to USDT.

Bitget’s Justification for Delisting

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Bitget Exchange’s decision to delist TOKEN was influenced by several factors, with allegations of price manipulation being a prominent one. According to Bitget’s policy, new tokens are initially placed in the Innovation Zone, where they undergo a 60-day observation period.

In this case, Bitget accused the Floki team, the creators of TokenFi, of financial malpractice. They specifically pointed out a low liquidity pool of just $2,000 on decentralized exchanges and raised concerns regarding TOKEN’s unclear tokenomics. Bitget justified the delisting as necessary to protect the interests of its users.

Floki Team’s Response

In response to Bitget’s allegations, the Floki team presented their side of the story. They clarified that they had initially requested exchange partners to refrain from listing TokenFi for a week after its launch. Their intention was to establish a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) vote for the token’s listing, ensuring a community-driven decision-making process.

Despite this request, Bitget went ahead with the listing, even erroneously listing a fake version of TokenFi shortly before the official launch. The Floki team emphasized that they had not authorized any exchange to list TokenFi and urged users to remain informed and exercise caution.

The Current Market Landscape

The delisting of TOKEN by Bitget has created a complex situation for both TOKEN and FLOKI in the cryptocurrency market. TOKEN has experienced a 20% increase in price, reaching $0.01927, and boasts an impressive market cap of $18.15 million. This far surpasses the initial projection of $50,000 by the Floki team.

On the other hand, FLOKI has encountered a 5.83% decline, with its price now at $0.00003483, causing it to drop out of the top 100 cryptocurrencies.

FLOKI price chart

The coming days will be pivotal in determining the long-term consequences of Bitget’s decision on TOKEN and, consequently, the market position of FLOKI. The controversy surrounding TOKEN’s delisting underscores the challenges and uncertainties that can arise in the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency space.

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