Bitget, the 10th preeminent digital asset exchange globally, is instating compulsory kyc (Know Your Customer) prerequisites for its English-speaking clientele.

The implementation of this security fortification, set in motion on December 15, is in harmonization with regulatory benchmarks to ensure conformity throughout the platform.

In line with global fiscal regulations and user preferences, Bitget is implementing its KYC requirements in two tiers. Achieving Level 1 unlocks access to the full range of Bitget services, including derivatives and mimic trading.

Bitget’s Gradual KYC Implementation

Bitget's Gradual KYC Implementation

Furthermore, users at this level enjoy daily withdrawal thresholds extending up to $3 million. This approach ensures adaptability while adhering to regulatory standards.

Bitget’s phased rollout of the KYC integration is a deliberate endeavor to mitigate disturbance, affording users ample time to elevate their account statuses.

Nevertheless, this deliberate commencement aligns with Bitget’s ongoing efforts to thwart financial misconduct, particularly in the battle against money laundering. It also reinforces the platform’s dedication to enhancing user protection.

Bitget’s Compulsory KYC Bonus

Bitget's Compulsory KYC Bonus

Additionally, the exchange underscores that users undergoing KYC verification before the December 15 cutoff date also stand eligible for a trading premium reaching up to 100 USDT, a provision accessible to the initial 5,000 participants.

Augmenting Wallet Backing Simultaneously, Bitget Wallet has disclosed its partnership with Deri Protocol on the same day, amplifying its support infrastructure.

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