Aussie fintech firm, Block Earner, is forging ahead with the launch of its crypto-backed loans product. This is despite the regulatory scrutiny from the Australian financial regulator.

Block Earner’s Bold Move

Despite impending legal action by the financial regulator, Block Earner is set to introduce a crypto-backed loan product tailored for the Australian market. This product allows Australian crypto investors to leverage their digital assets as collateral to secure cash loans. Similar services have been offered by companies like SALT in the U.S. and Coinbase. However, the latter discontinued its service earlier this year.

Block Earner’s co-founder, Charlie Karaboga, further emphasized the company’s commitment to regulatory compliance. The new loan products have been meticulously designed to align with existing licensing models. This approach follows Block Earner’s previous legal entanglement with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission over crypto-linked fixed-yield earning products.

Regulatory Challenges Persist

Karaboga criticized the lack of clear regulations in Australia, asserting that the fintech industry faced significant ambiguity. Despite seeking legal opinions before product launches, the regulatory landscape remained uncertain. This ambiguity contributed to legal actions against Block Earner and other crypto companies, such as Finder.

Following ASIC’s legal action, Block Earner promptly ceased its “earn” products and refunded all users. James Coombes, head of business at Block Earner, highlighted the key distinction between the new launch and the Earn product. The regulatory requirement for a license to provide consumer credit is now crystal clear, and Block Earner has obtained the necessary license.

The Quest for Regulatory Clarity

Charlie Karaboga anticipates that rapid regulatory advancements in other jurisdictions, including Singapore, Hong Kong, and the UK. This will further compel the Australian government to establish clearer guidelines or risk losing its share of the crypto market.

Block Earner introduces crypto-backed loans

As Australia ranks among the wealthiest nations per capita and has been an early adopter of crypto, its citizens have become targets for scammers.

Further, Karaboga believes that domestic regulators are inclined towards supporting crypto innovation and pushing the industry forward. This sentiment is echoed by Binance Australia General Manager Ben Rose, who anticipates long-term support from Australian regulators for the crypto sector.

Notably, Coinbase recently identified Australia as a primary location for its global expansion, underscoring the country’s significance in the crypto space.

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