Consensys, a prominent player in the blockchain industry, is gearing up for the launch of MetaMask Snaps, a revolutionary feature that promises to enhance the functionality of its popular crypto wallet, MetaMask. Simon Morris, the Head of Strategy at Consensys, shared insights into this development during an interview at Korea Blockchain Week.

MetaMask Snaps: An App Store for Crypto Wallets

Simon Morris described MetaMask Snaps as a game-changing feature akin to an “Apple App Store for the crypto wallet.” This innovation empowers third-party developers to create and release new decentralized applications (DApps) known as Snaps, expanding the capabilities of the MetaMask wallet.

Further, the initial release of Snaps will involve rigorous security checks and will be subject to approval by Consensys’ development team. This vetting process aims to ensure the safety and reliability of the added functionalities. However, Consensys envisions a future where the deployment of Snaps becomes as open and permissionless as publishing on the internet.

Interoperability Expansion Through MetaMask Snaps

MetaMask Snaps Features

In the upcoming upgrade scheduled for later this year, MetaMask users will gain the ability to download third-party extensions directly into their wallets. Consequently, this enhancement will significantly increase MetaMask’s utility and interoperability, allowing it to interact seamlessly with non-Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) chains, including Bitcoin, Solana, Avalanche, and Starknet.

Demystifying Transactions

One of the common challenges faced by crypto users is the complexity and opacity of transaction confirmations and smart contract evaluations. Consequently, Simon Morris emphasized that MetaMask Snaps will play a pivotal role in demystifying these processes, making them more transparent and user-friendly.

Moreover, another standout feature of Snaps is its capability to facilitate communication between DApp developers and users within MetaMask ecosystem. This function serves as a “communication layer” that keeps users informed with the latest updates directly through the wallet interface. Users will no longer need to navigate external websites or social media accounts to stay updated on project developments.

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