Bybit, the third major player in the cryptocurrency exchange sector, has teamed up with the American University of Sharjah (AUS) to introduce a pioneering project. This collaboration has led to scholarships valued at $272,000 (AED 1 million) for exceptional students.

The initiative, announced jointly in June, targets 20 students involved in pioneering fintech research and academics. Additionally, the scholarship initiative has gained significant attention, benefiting 38 students with academic excellence so far.

Among these, 29 are existing students, and 9 are new recipients. Dr. Fadi Aloul, Dean of AUS’s College of Engineering, stressed the profound significance of this collaboration. He emphasized AUS’s role in nurturing adaptable professionals for evolving industries.

The partnership with Bybit and the AUS-Bybit Fund Scholarship underscore AUS’s commitment to connecting academia with industry, especially in fintech and blockchain.

Apart from scholarships, Bybit is further dedicated to contributing an additional AED 100,000 to kickstart the inaugural AUS-Bybit Inter-College Hackathon, focused on “Artificial Intelligence in Crypto.”

Fostering Academic Excellence: AUS-Bybit Scholarship Advancing Crypto and Blockchain

Fostering Academic Excellence: AUS-Bybit Scholarship Advancing Crypto and Blockchain

The AUS-Bybit Fund Scholarship has a clear goal: to inspire students to actively participate in advancing cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. This scholarship offers essential financial backing for education and research within the decentralized finance sector.

Recipient selection for the scholarship is precise, based on specific criteria including academic achievement, GPA, and financial need. A focus is placed on students in computer engineering and computer science. This diverse group of awardees, each showcasing exceptional skills and fervor for fintech and blockchain, further underscores their varied backgrounds.

With an endowment of AED 1 million, the scholarship covers 25% of tuition for the upcoming Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 semesters. In August, Bybit launched its customized Wealth Management product. This offering caters to clients in search of personalized solutions, aiming for potential returns while ensuring effective risk management.

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