Terra.money, the Layer-1 blockchain platform, has taken the proactive step of temporarily shutting down its website. This is in a swift response to protect its users from ongoing phishing scams. Notably, this move follows a recent compromise of Terra’s website by hackers over the weekend, who sought to defraud users through phishing attacks.

Freeze Implemented to Halt Phishing Scams

The official announcement came from Terra on August 22 through X (formerly Twitter). It stated that the terra.money domains have been successfully frozen to halt further phishing scams. While the freeze is already in place, the platform is actively working towards a complete resolution.

Terra’s dedicated team has been tirelessly addressing this issue. However, they have encountered some delays in obtaining responses from certain third parties. This proactive approach underscores Terra’s commitment to its user base and the broader community.

Updates on Station Wallet for Enhanced Security

Amidst this situation, Terra also shared updates concerning its multichain wallet, Station Wallet. This wallet empowers users to interact with decentralized applications across various blockchain networks such as Terra, Juno, and Kujira. Notably, on August 21, Station Wallet took substantial steps to bolster its users’ safety and security.

Station Wallet urges users to refrain from using its desktop and mobile apps until the safety measures have been confirmed. The platform assures that an official announcement will be promptly shared once the updates are in place. In the meantime, updated browser extensions and apps are available for users to continue interacting with the wallet.

Timeline of Recent Events and Terra’s Resilience

The recent freeze follows a hacking incident where Terra’s website was compromised by hackers attempting phishing attacks. Terra responded promptly, issuing a warning on August 19, advising users to avoid interacting with any sites connected to the terra.money domain until further updates are released.

This cautionary message was reiterated on August 20, reaffirming Terra’s vigilance in safeguarding its users.

This episode marks another chapter in Terra’s journey, which hasn’t been without challenges. Following the collapse of the previous version of Terra’s digital ecosystem in May 2022, causing a $40 billion loss within the crypto ecosystem and significant turmoil, a determined portion of Terra’s community, led by co-founder Do Kwon, chose to remain steadfast.

Their dedication resulted in the launch of Terra 2.0, offering a chance to reclaim the lost funds.

Market Impact and Sentiments

In the midst of these developments, Terra’s token (LUNA) has experienced a decline in market capitalization, currently standing at $152.7 million. The token’s value has dropped by 22% in the past seven days, largely influenced by news of the recent Terra money hack. Over the past year, the token has seen a decline of more than 70%.

Online industry observers have expressed a range of opinions regarding the situation. Some have shown limited sympathy towards those affected, citing Terra’s history of issues. One Redditor commented, “If you have a terra.money domain it deserves to be hacked,” while another user on Reddit expressed, “If you’re still in the Terra ecosystem, I have little sympathy for you.”

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