Celsius Network, a prominent player in the cryptocurrency lending and borrowing space, has sent shockwaves through the industry by announcing the imminent shutdown of its mobile app. This unexpected move comes as the platform grapples with financial turmoil, leaving its user base and the broader cryptocurrency community in a state of surprise and uncertainty.

  • Celsius (CEL) price experienced a decline in the past 24 hours. It dropped from $0.1696 to a low of $0.1604 due to bearish market conditions. However, the price managed to recover slightly to $0.162 at the time of publication.
  • The Celsius app is set to cease its operations in the upcoming 90 days, as stated in the company’s revised disclosure statement. This decision is in preparation for the launch of “NewCo,” a new entity managed by the Fahrenheit Group and owned by Celsius’ creditors.
  • During the 90-day window, current Celsius app users will have the opportunity to finalize any withdrawals. After this period, both access to the app and users’ Celsius accounts will be restricted.
Celsius Network price falls due to closing app.

Celsius’ Commitment to Creditors and Distribution Plans

Celsius Network, in addition to its ongoing restructuring, has made a commitment to repay its creditors, including those involved in the company’s partner programs. The company’s plan involves distributing a minimum of $2.03 billion in cryptocurrency to its creditors.

In addition, PayPal has been identified as a potential distribution agent for US-based creditors. The selection process for an international distribution agent is still underway.

Furthermore, if Celsius fails to appoint an international distribution agent within the specified timeframe, the company has implemented measures to ensure continued app accessibility for an additional 90 days. It also guarantees that these creditors receive their rightful amounts.

The Vision of “NewCo” for a Fresh Start

In its forward-looking strategy, Celsius Network envisions a fresh start through the establishment of a new entity called “NewCo.” The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will oversee this entity to ensure transparency. The primary focus of NewCo will be on engaging in crypto mining and staking operations, aligning with the company’s commitment to maximizing profitability for stakeholders.

Further, the mining endeavors of NewCo will commence with the collaboration of US Data Mining Group, Inc. Proof Group Capital Management will manage the staking operations. The future plans also include the listing of NewCo’s stock on NASDAQ, facilitated by the Fahrenheit Group.

Moreover, this strategic move will provide Celsius with the opportunity to tap into the immense potential of the capital market. It emphasizes the company’s resilience and adaptability in the face of challenges.

User Concerns Mount as Celsius Network App Shutdown Looms

Users of Celsius Network rely on the app for essential functions, such as managing their cryptocurrency portfolios, accessing lending services, and monitoring interest earnings. The sudden disruption has ignited a wave of anxiety among users, who now find themselves navigating uncharted territory.

The situation also highlights the broader issue of platform reliability and the risks associated with entrusting digital assets to third-party services. Celsius Network’s app shutdown serves as a stark reminder of the unique challenges posed by the decentralized nature of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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