Coinbase, a key player in the digital asset exchange industry, has taken a significant step to improve platform liquidity by suspending 80 non-USD trading pairs.

This move, announced on October 17, is part of Coinbase’s ongoing efforts to enhance market health and aligns with its strategic evaluation of various aspects of its operation, affecting Coinbase Exchange, Advanced Trade, and Coinbase Prime.

Enhancing Liquidity

Coinbase’s decision to suspend trading pairs extends to those associated with Bitcoin, Tether, and the Euro. The primary goal is to bolster liquidity and overall market health.

Despite this move, users in qualifying regions are not left without options; they can continue trading these pairs via more fluid USD order books, using their USDC (USD Coin) balances.

USDC Flexibility

Coinbase introduced the ‘USDC unification’ system in April, allowing traders to seamlessly engage with USD order books using their USDC balances. This approach ensures uninterrupted trading activities and highlights the versatility of USDC in deposit, withdrawal, and trading operations within the Coinbase platform’s ecosystem.

Coinbase introduced the 'USDC unification' system in April

While a significant number of trading pairs are affected by this decision, their combined trading volume only represents only a minor portion of the global trading activity on the Coinbase platform. This emphasizes that the suspension is more about strengthening market health than limiting user choices.

Regulatory Challenges For Coinbase

Coinbase and other centralized exchanges face ongoing regulatory challenges. Coinbase, for instance, has witnessed a 52% decrease in spot trading volumes, all in the third quarter of 2023, reporting only $76 billion. Legal tensions with the SEC, related to issues like improper registrations and allegations of unregistered securities trading, have affected user confidence.

Binance, another major exchange, also grapples with regulatory scrutiny, leading to a consistent decline in its market share. Both exchanges have also committed to robust legal defense strategies, highlighting the increasing pressure on centralized exchanges to align with evolving regulatory frameworks.

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