Coinbase has signaled its intention to concentrate on several key focus regions outside of the United States. This strategic pivot represents the next phase of Coinbase’s ambitious expansion strategy, taking it beyond its American roots.

In a blog post dated September 6, Nana Murugesan and Tom Duff Gordon, both Vice Presidents overseeing Coinbase’s international business and international policy, have outlined their strategic focus.

They have identified the European Union, the United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil, Singapore, and Australia as key focus regions. This decision is based on the fact that these areas have established clearer and more defined regulations governing cryptocurrencies.

Consequently, Murugesan and Duff Gordon have expressed their proactive approach towards these countries. They have a clear plan to obtain the necessary licenses, complete registrations, and reinforce their operational capabilities within these markets.

Conversely, they’ve noted that the United States has opted for a different strategy. This involves leaning towards enforcing existing regulatory frameworks and introducing new ones through legal channels.

Coinbase’s Key Focus Regions and Concerns About U.S. Regulation

US Lawmakers Call for Legislative Approach and Criticize SEC Chair on Crypto Regulation

Coinbase’s leadership has expressed apprehension about the potential consequences of this approach. It might lead to the United States diminishing its role in shaping the global cryptocurrency regulatory landscape.

Coinbase affirms its unwavering commitment to the evolution of the global financial system. They are dedicated to promoting economic freedom and creating opportunities. Coinbase has made it clear that it won’t be passive, regardless of the regulatory climate within the United States.

Within its home country, Coinbase faces legal challenges. These include a lawsuit from the Securities and Exchange Commission. The lawsuit alleges the sale of unregistered securities and unauthorized operations.

Moreover, Coinbase’s focus on new priority markets is a crucial component of the second phase of its expansion strategy, aptly named “Go Broad, Go Deep.”

Coinbase’s Collaborative Partnerships and Regulatory Compliance

As part of their strategic objectives, the company aims to establish collaborative partnerships with both global and local financial institutions and payment service providers. This initiative is specifically designed to facilitate the expansion of its fiat onramps.

Simultaneously, it ensures full compliance with the regulatory frameworks currently in place. Furthermore, Coinbase intends to ramp up its lobbying efforts and boost its visibility, particularly in anticipation of the upcoming European Union elections in June.

The company has plans to actively engage with the G20, aiming to establish comprehensive international standards for the cryptocurrency industry. Additionally, Coinbase will maintain a vigilant “scorecard” to monitor the progress made by each country in terms of cryptocurrency regulation.

Interestingly, Coinbase appears to be directing its lobbying efforts primarily toward Brazil, a nation set to assume the G20 chairmanship in 2024. Back in March, Coinbase significantly expanded its presence in Brazil.

As per the blog post, Brian Armstrong, the co-founder and CEO of Coinbase, is scheduled to visit Brazil later this year to engage directly with key decision-makers and stakeholders.

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