The daily active users on Coinbase layer-2 network have rapidly passed the six-figure mark, an achievement never seen before. This remarkable event occurred just after the network started, causing amazement among tech enthusiasts. Data from Dune Analytics on August 10th shows an astounding 136,000 daily users, setting a new record.

This notable accomplishment coincides with the network’s second day of public launch, creating an intriguing coincidence for observers. On that particular day in August, a total of 42,000 individuals, which accounts for 30% of the daily users mentioned earlier, enthusiastically joined the Base platform.

Coinbase Layer-2 network, Base Ranks Fourth in Daily Transactions: A CryptoRank Analysis

In a comparative analysis, CryptoRank, a respected crypto market data platform, revealed a significant insight on August 10th. The data revealed that Coinbase’s Base has achieved fourth place in daily transactions per second among prominent layer 2 solutions. Noteworthy companions in this achievement include zkSync Era, Arbitrum, and Optimism.

On August 9th, Coinbase’s remarkable Base network started its historic journey known as the “Onchain Summer.” This saga, filled with promises and aspirations, became a significant milestone in technological evolution. Looking back in history, you’ll discover that Base began its early beta journey on February 23rd.

Crypto enthusiasts engaged in lively debates and predictions as they pondered the possibilities of this platform leading people towards Web3 protocols. This vision was supported by Coinbase’s extensive user base.

Reaching a climactic moment, the platform introduced its mainnet version designed for future innovators on July 13th. However, a note of caution accompanied this announcement, urging the eager users to be patient, as the platform was still on its journey to reach its utmost user-friendly potential.

Exploring the Diverse Opportunities Within the Base Universe

Base presents various possibilities: linking Ether to Base, using a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, making payments through a web app, having a “.base” name, and launching a decentralized autonomous organization. Each adds to the rich Base universe.

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