Vasiliy Shapovalov and Konstantin Lomashuk, original Ethereum investors from 2014, are reigniting their involvement in cutting-edge technologies by relaunching their investment firm, cyber.Fund. With a committed capital of $100 million, they aim to spearhead advancements in blockchain, AI, robotics, and allied sectors through their revived venture.

Revitalizing Cyber.Fund

The duo behind Cyber.Fund, Shapovalov and Lomashuk, are re-entering the technology investment landscape, aiming to support both existing portfolio companies and new ventures. The re-emergence of cyber.Fund signifies a renewed commitment to fostering innovation and technological evolution in diverse sectors.

Cyber.Fund’s mission centers on expediting the transition to an open cybernetic economy by endorsing visionary entrepreneurs exploring blockchain, AI, robotics, and related technologies. Further, their $100 million fund is set to provide support to novel projects and emerging teams in these cutting-edge domains.

Driving Force Behind Reinvestment

Cyber.Fund Founders Revive Investment Firm with $100 Million Capital

Konstantin Lomashuk highlighted their motivation for reinvigorating cyber.Fund, citing a desire to propel the development of newer technologies. In addition, he expressed a belief in leveraging capital to accelerate technological progress, while Lomashuk stressed the potential for investments to drive significant advancements.

Sole Source of Funding and Industry Context

A representative for cyber.Fund clarified via email that the founders are the exclusive financial contributors to the $100 million investment initiative. Furthermore, this initiative comes at a time when the pace of investment in cryptocurrency and blockchain ventures has subsided from the previous bull market peak.

Concurrently, burgeoning interest in initiatives like ChatGPT has spurred increased investment in artificial intelligence.

Vision for the Future

Cyber.Fund’s ambition extends beyond mere investment endeavors. They aim to foster a more transparent, efficient, and sustainable economy through the acceleration, adoption, and eventual decentralization of these groundbreaking technologies. The firm also envisions catalyzing a transformative era of unparalleled prosperity by actively supporting growth and decentralized proliferation across these sectors.

Moreover, the revival of Cyber.Fund and its substantial commitment to emerging technologies signify a promising venture aiming to drive impactful innovations and reshape the technological landscape for the better.

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