Early supporters of Ethereum, Konstantin Lomashuk and Vasiliy Shapovalov, are trailblazers in the cryptocurrency realm. They are now reigniting their financial engagement in leading-edge technologies, particularly focusing on robotics investments. This resurgence is evident in the revival of their investment entity, cyber.Fund.

The duo plans to inject $100 million of their own capital into this venture, intending to support both existing and new projects.

Cyber.Fund aims to expedite the transition to an open cybernetic economy by endorsing entrepreneurs pioneering innovations in blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and related fields.

Led by Lomashuk and Shapovalov, who invested in Ethereum back in 2014, the relaunched cyber.Fund is motivated by a commitment to advancing the development of these progressive technologies.

Cyber.Fund’s $100M Robotics Investments: Accelerating Tech Progress

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Konstantin Lomashuk expressed the belief that capital investment can significantly hasten technological progress. The $100 million fund is entirely self-funded by the founders, marking a personal commitment to the cause.

Despite the ongoing influx of capital into crypto and blockchain ventures, the pace of investment has notably decelerated compared to the previous bullish market. In contrast, investments in AI have surged, partly fueled by interest in projects like ChatGPT.

Before its reactivation, cyber.Fund was actively engaged from 2014 to 2018. During this timeframe, the firm engaged in early investments in projects like Ethereum, Cosmos, Polkadot, and Solana. Additionally, it actively contributed to the development of Lido Finance and P2P. Notably, Konstantin Lomashuk served as a co-founder of Lido Finance.

Shaping a Tech-Driven Future Through Open-Source Investments

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In their announcement, cyber.Fund expressed a mission to foster a more open, efficient, and sustainable economy. The firm holds the belief that expediting the growth, adoption, and eventual decentralization of these technologies is crucial. By doing so, they anticipate propelling the world into an era of unparalleled prosperity.

Cyber.Fund envisions the inevitability of a “cybernetic” world and identifies blockchain, robotics, and AI as pivotal contributors to shaping this emerging paradigm.

Lomashuk highlighted their previous investment in Ethereum, emphasizing their commitment to preserving its censorship resistance and decentralization.

Now, their strategy has evolved to investing in founders who share similar values, aiming to support the creation of open-source technologies beneficial to humanity.

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