Elon Musk, the prominent figure behind Tesla and SpaceX, has expressed his optimism about Ramaswamy’s potential.

Musk’s Acclaim for Vivek Ramaswamy

Elon Musk, who holds significant roles in X, has lent his commendation to the emerging political figure Vivek Ramaswamy. This endorsement comes following Ramaswamy’s appearance on Tucker Carlson’s Tucker on Twitter podcast.

Musk took to his Twitter account to share his thoughts. He stated;

“Vivek Ramaswamy stands as the youngest-ever candidate for the Republican presidential role.”

Musk further emphasized, “His promise as a candidate is truly exceptional.”

Championing Crypto within Political Circles

Ramaswamy has been actively advocating for a more favorable crypto landscape within the United States. Furthermore, he is known for his outspoken viewpoints on digital finance and cryptocurrencies. This was underscored during his appearance at the Bitcoin 2023 conference in Miami. Here, he unveiled his campaign’s acceptance of Bitcoin contributions.

This move further solidified his stance as the second contender in the 2024 U.S. election to embrace BTC.

At the conference, Ramaswamy also introduced a novel method of contribution. He unveiled a QR code that guided attendees to a donation portal with multiple avenues for support. Qualified donors, contributing within the $6,600 limit, were rewarded with an exclusive nonfungible token. This added an innovative twist to traditional campaign funding.

Ramaswamy’s decision to incorporate cryptocurrency into his campaign strategy mirrors the actions of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who became the pioneer U.S. presidential candidate to embrace Bitcoin donations. This highlights the escalating role of cryptocurrencies in shaping the future financial landscape.


Rising Popularity and Political Connections

Ramaswamy’s increasing popularity has brought him into alignment with fellow Republican Ron DeSantis, the Bitcoin-friendly Governor of Florida. Their shared stance on cryptocurrency positions them at the forefront of the evolving political discourse.

However, Ramaswamy’s journey into the realm of politics is not without challenges. He faces legal hurdles in the form of two lawsuits filed by former employees of Strive Asset Management, a company he co-founded. The employees allege that they were compelled to breach securities regulations during their tenure, casting a shadow on his otherwise promising political career.

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