Aiming to invigorate the evolution of the protocol, as the count of Ordinals inscriptions crosses the remarkable threshold of 21 million, the Bitcoin Ordinals team has inaugurated a nonprofit entity.

The Open Ordinals Institute is a non-profit establishment located in the heart of California. It ardently dedicates itself to nurturing the advancement of NFTs. This visionary endeavor is rooted in the diligence and ingenuity of the architects behind the Bitcoin Ordinals protocol.

Within this innovative establishment’s leadership, the Open Ordinals Institute wholeheartedly supports the masterminds behind the Ordinals protocol. Among these exceptional minds resides the enigmatic steward known simply as Raph.

The organizational hierarchy takes shape with a quartet of luminaries, each pivotal to the nonprofit’s operational symphony: the aforementioned Raph; Erin Redwing, a distinguished voice in the realm of Bitcoin-focused podcasting; Ordinally, an enigmatic developer deeply immersed in the Ordinals domain; and Casey Rodarmor, the visionary catalyst heralding the genesis of Ordinals.

Conceived by Casey Rodarmor in January, the Ordinals protocol quickly became a prominent trend in cryptocurrency. Enthusiasts rushed to engrave their digital assets on the unchanging Bitcoin blockchain, including valuable NFTs and Bitcoin-linked currencies.

On May 27, Rodarmor gracefully passed the torch of primary custodianship to Raph, marking a seamless transition in the protocol’s stewardship.

Casey handing over leadership of Ordinals protocol to Raph

Gateway to Progress: Bitcoin Ordinals Team’s Platform

Working together seamlessly, the group revealed their official website, This platform warmly beckons contributions while offering a portal into the unfolding narrative of the project.

Bitcoin Ordinals team

Within the official domain, a statement declares tax-deductible status for US citizen contributions. This privilege awaits IRS approval this year.

As the cryptocurrency realm embraces innovation, the Open Ordinals Institute stands poised to catalyze the next chapter in the evolution of NFTs, orchestrated by the guardians of the groundbreaking Ordinals protocol. With innovation and collaboration at its core, the Bitcoin Ordinals Team heralds a new era of creativity and possibilities.

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