Toyota Gazoo Racing, the racing arm of Toyota, is delving deeper into the world of blockchain technology, seeking to integrate it within its corporate and developmental ecosystems. In an exciting move, the Toyota GR Cup, a prominent North American racing series, has recently unveiled its plans to award digital trophies to race winners while recording driver performances on the Polygon blockchain.

Digital Trophies on the Polygon Blockchain

Through a press release, the Toyota GR Cup disclosed its revolutionary on-chain awards system. This will now include digital trophies for podium finishers – those drivers who secure the first, second, or third position. These on-chain trophies will be accompanied by comprehensive statistics about the race and the driver’s performance.

As a result, ensuring a transparent and immutable record of their achievements. According to Jack Irving, the executive commercial director for Toyota Racing Development (TRD),

“Blockchain helps us keep a permanent digital record of drivers’ achievements that they can share with their friends, family, and fans. It also allows us to develop new opportunities to introduce race fans to our partners.”

Toyota Gazoo Racing and Toyota’s Blockchain Journey

Toyota’s Gazoo Racing league and the GR Cup were conceived with a strong focus on fan engagement. Taking a cue from the gameplay dynamics of popular racing video games, real-world GR Cup drivers start off with a stock Toyota GR86 vehicle, featuring only factory-available options.

To level the playing field, the drivers’ vehicles are then sent to a TRD garage (referred to as “gazoo,” which means “garage”), where they are fitted with official Toyota racing gear. This standardization of hardware ensures equal opportunities for all drivers when the race begins.

Blockchain Technology about to be integrated into the Toyota Gazoo Racing

Toyota has been actively exploring the potential of blockchain technology since 2016. This was when it joined the R3 Consortium, a partnership aimed at researching and developing blockchain technologies. Subsequently, the company established its Toyota Blockchain Lab in 2019. This move further cemented its commitment to harnessing the power of blockchain for innovative applications.

Fan Access to Accomplishments

The press release highlights that drivers will have convenient access to their previous accomplishments before and after events. This will help to foster a sense of pride and connection with their achievements.

However, it remains unclear whether fans will have direct interaction with the digital trophies or if Toyota intends to mint any form of digital collectibles. TRD has not yet responded to queries seeking clarification on this matter.

The next thrilling races in the Toyota GR Cup series are scheduled to take place at the Big Machine Music City Grand Prix in Nashville, Tennessee, from Aug. 4-6. Racing enthusiasts and fans eagerly await this event. Here, digital trophies and blockchain technology will undoubtedly take the spotlight, bringing a new dimension to the world of motorsports.

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