Rune Christensen, a co-founder of MakerDAO, has suggested a new approach for creating MakerDAO’s upcoming native blockchain. Instead of relying on the Ethereum Virtual Machine, a modified version of Solana’s codebase is being considered. This marks a departure from MakerDAO’s traditional affiliation with Ethereum.

This native chain, tentatively named “NewChain,” is a crucial component of the final phase of MakerDAO’s “Endgame” upgrade, which was unveiled in May. This ultimate phase is anticipated to span approximately three years and involves a complete re-implementation of the Maker Protocol into a new, independent blockchain.

Additionally, in a Twitter post dated September 1, Christensen advocated for the consideration of Solana’s codebase as the groundwork for NewChain, following thorough research. He expounded on his rationale in a proposal posted on the MakerDAO forum, outlining three principal reasons for his preference.

Rune Christensen’s Reasons for Choosing Solana Codebase for NewChain

First and foremost, Christensen emphasized the exceptional “technical quality” of Solana’s codebase. He stated that Solana’s codebase has been meticulously optimized to support a single, highly efficient blockchain.

Moreover, according to him, the Solana codebase is thoughtfully designed and benefits from lessons learned from previous blockchain challenges. This alignment with NewChain’s goal of addressing Maker’s technical issues is a significant factor.

Secondly, Christensen pointed out Solana’s resilience in overcoming challenges like the FTX incident and others. He expressed his belief that this track record positions the Solana ecosystem for long-term sustainability.

Furthermore, this presents MakerDAO with the chance to access top-tier talent and cost-effective solutions for NewChain’s development and maintenance.

Lastly, Christensen pointed out that there are already instances of the Solana codebase being forked and adapted for use as application chains. Drawing from these precedents, he proposed a similar approach for NewChain’s development within the MakerDAO framework.

Rune Christensen Explains Preference for Solana Codebase Over EVM for MakerDAO’s NewChain

Additionally, In response to Twitter inquiries about his preference for Solana’s code over the Ethereum Virtual Machine, Christensen clarified his stance. He acknowledged the EVM’s importance for user-facing applications because of its widespread adoption. However, he noted that it doesn’t align with MakerDAO’s specific backend requirements.

NewChain is designed to serve as the backend infrastructure for the SubDAO tokenomics and governance security within the project. Meanwhile, Maker’s governance token, MKR, and the stablecoin Dai will maintain their regular operations on the Ethereum network.

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