Renowned game developer Square Enix has revealed the auction dates for its highly anticipated Symbiogenesis nonfungible tokens (NFTs). This announcement was made through a social media post on November 24, creating a buzz among enthusiasts and investors alike.

Three Phases, Three Opportunities and Exclusive Access for Stakeholders

Square Enix has strategically divided the NFT auction process into three distinct phases, providing enthusiasts ample opportunities to participate. The first batch is set for auction from November 27 to 28, followed by the second batch schedules from November 30 to December 4. Subsequently, the third and final batch taking place from December 2 to 3.

Delving into the details, the initial phase exclusively caters to “stakeholders.” This suggests that early investors hold a privileged position during the November 27–28 auction. This unique approach adds an element of exclusivity to the early stages of the auction. Further, it sets the tone for an engaging and competitive process.

Allowlist Entry Campaign Unlocks Phases 2 and 3

Moving forward, phases 2 and 3 open up to participants through an “allowlist entry campaign.” This is a dynamic initiative that ensures wider participation. Additionally, the recently concluded allowlist entry campaign, held from November 7 to 21, challenged collectors with quizzes and a thrilling “treasure hunt” within a prototype version of the Symbiogenesis game world.

Participants were not only engaged in immersive activities but were also rewarded with NFT “relics” and points that determine their eligibility for phase 2. The top 50 scorers, along with 40 randomly selected participants ranked 51st to 300th, will have the exclusive opportunity to acquire NFTs in the second phase. Remaining participants eagerly await the chance to bid on coveted items during phase 3.

A glimpse into the Symbiogenesis world

As the excitement builds, Square Enix provides a glimpse into the Symbiogenesis game world, described as a “narrative-unlocked NFT entertainment” experience. Scheduled for launch on December 21, this innovative game promises a unique blend of storytelling and blockchain technology.

Square Enix’s Remarkable Legacy and Ongoing Innovations

Renowned for creating the iconic Final Fantasy series, Square Enix boasts a staggering 173 million units sold. Building on this legacy, the company introduced Final Fantasy NFT trading cards on March 31.

In a strategic move towards the future, Square Enix also revealed a partnership with Web3 infrastructure provider Elixir in April. This further adds an intriguing layer of anticipation to their collaborative endeavors.

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