On November 8, 2023, the BIS Innovation Hub and the Cyber Resilience Coordination Centre (CRCC) joined forces to orchestrate the BIS Conference.

The event centered on the theme “Fortifying the Prospective Monetary Paradigm: Cyber Vigilance for Central Bank Digital Currencies.” Agustín Carstens, the General Manager, commenced the proceedings with a decisive proclamation.

He emphasized that the rise of CBDCs is inevitable, highlighting the crucial need to secure their integrity for the upcoming financial landscape.

Amidst the imminent transformation of the financial domain, Carstens emphasized that central banks face a dual challenge. They are not only tasked with adapting to the digital metamorphosis but are also called upon to spearhead this evolution.

This leadership materializes through the inception of CBDCs, anticipated to serve as the nucleus of the financial ecosystem. Whether in a wholesale or retail manifestation, their configuration must be adaptable. Additionally, their legal structures must be robust to instill confidence in the public.

Securing Trust: Navigating CBDCs with Carstens and BIS

The credibility of central bank currency stands as a cornerstone for public trust in the financial system. As CBDCs make their entrance, new echelons of security challenges emerge, with cyber threats looming prominently.

Carstens drew parallels, cautioning against vulnerabilities exposed in the cryptoverse. This analogy serves as a warning for CBDCs, carrying implications of far greater magnitude.

To address these risks, a malleable design is imperative, capable of acclimating to future technological advancements. This includes preparing for potential ramifications of quantum computing and generative AI.

While accentuating security concerns, Carstens also did not lose sight of the significance of privacy in CBDC design. He deems it indispensable for garnering public acceptance, especially in the case of retail CBDCs.

The BIS remains resolute in its commitment to assist central banks in navigating towards a digital future. At the forefront is the Innovation Hub, standing at the vanguard. It delves into solutions for secure and operational retail CBDCs. This includes incorporating quantum-resistant cryptography and fortifying offline cyber resilience.

Concurrently, the CRCC is amplifying collaboration and operational preparedness among central banks. This is achieved through innovative tools and exercises.

Private Sector’s Vital Role and Quantum Computing Threat in CBDC Cybersecurity Symposium

Argentinian Presidential Candidate Aims to Address Hyperinflation Through CBDCs

Carstens also recognized the pivotal role of the private sector, specifically in customer-centric services. He emphasized the importance of collective cybersecurity and resilience as communal assets among interconnected institutions.

The symposium sets the stage by initiating pivotal dialogues on cybersecurity strategies for CBDCs, governance, risk management, and technical impediments. In particular, it delves into the looming threat of quantum computing.

As the discussions unfold, Carstens concludes the proceedings with eager anticipation. He looks forward to the profound insights that the symposium’s deliberations will yield, signifying the BIS’s preparedness. The goal is to guide and bolster central banks in securing the future of the monetary system.

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