The exceptional team at TON conducted a remarkable public assessment of blockchain speed. Within just 12 minutes, they flawlessly executed a staggering 42 million transactions. Furthermore, the pinnacle of this achievement reached an incredible 108,409 transactions per second (TPS).

Additionally, Within a remarkably brief span of 11 minutes, the test network, consisting of 256 validators, processed an awe-inspiring 43,012,970 transactions.

Consequently, This places TON (The Open Network) at the forefront, as the fastest blockchain on the planet, setting an unprecedented record. By comparison, Bitcoin can only manage 5-7 TPS, Ethereum fares slightly better at 15 TPS, while Solana, the previous record-holder, peaked at 65,000 TPS.

Interestingly, TON now proudly claims the title of the world’s speediest blockchain, achieving a mind-boggling 104,715 transactions per second.

Elevating Blockchain Speed: Toncoin Soars with Telegram’s Wallet Innovations

Blockchain congestion

As of the moment of this composition, Toncoin (TON) is trading at approximately $2.18, having surged by 3.14%. Moreover, In September, the introduction of the TON wallet within the Telegram messaging platform significantly boosted the value of Toncoin, nearly breaching the $3 mark.

As a result, Toncoin soared into the top ten digital assets worldwide by market capitalization, surpassing even Solana in this regard.

Furthermore, All users of the Telegram Wallet are granted access to TON Space, an exclusive digital realm. Additionally, The Telegram Wallet, a sophisticated bot, empowers users to engage in the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies, including bitcoins.

Notably In November, Telegram’s worldwide user base will gain access to a self-storage wallet. However, it’s important to note that residents in the United States and a few other select countries won’t have this opportunity. Moreover, This wallet will empower users to harness its advanced capabilities.

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