Celestia, a modular blockchain designed to prioritize speed and execution, has launched its mainnet beta, making its native TIA token available to a user base of 580,000.

Unlike monolithic counterparts that may compromise decentralization and security for scalability, modular blockchains such as Celestia provide specific channels for speed and execution.

Celestia Approach to Enhance Speed and Execution

Celestia utilizes a modular approach to address blockchain challenges. It introduces data availability sampling (DAS) to enhance data transfer speed, ensuring that transactions and data can be processed more efficiently.

According to Ekram Ahmed, this approach reflects a new era in the industry characterized by values like verifiability, abundant block space, and collaborative blockchains. Further, Celestia’s mainnet beta marks a significant step in simplifying the deployment of blockchain chains.

Mainnet Beta Features and Future Upgrades

Moreover, the mainnet beta of Celestia offers the functionality for rollups along with other modular chains to utilize Celestia for data availability and consensus. Initially, it features 2MB blocks, with plans for future upgrades that could increase block sizes up to 8MB. The blockchain’s governance process will handle these upgrades, with the goal of ultimately supporting 1GB blocks in the future.

Celestia Modular Mainnet Beta Addresses\ Blockchain Scalability Challenges

Furthermore, Celestia’s innovative approach to blockchain design, focusing on modularity and data availability sampling makes it a promising solution to the scalability and decentralization challenges faced by traditional monolithic blockchains.

Lastly, by prioritizing execution and speed while maintaining the integrity of decentralization and security, Celestia also offers a new direction in the evolution of blockchain technology.

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