In Lisbon this year, a fresh event, Newconomics, is making its debut alongside the Web Summit. It will spotlight the blockchain’s role in shaping the future of work. HUMAN Protocol, a decentralized and automated response to labor challenges, is the driving force behind Newconomics.

The primary goal of this event is to offer a platform for technophiles, entrepreneurs, and the curious. They will have the opportunity to delve into the numerous possibilities of incorporating blockchain technology. This exploration extends to a wide range of innovative applications.

Furthermore, this event aims to introduce technology enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and curious individuals to the diverse possibilities of blockchain. It showcases its potential in various innovative applications.

Situated at the esteemed Lx Factory in Alcântara, Lisbon, Newconomics will comprise a dozen illuminating discourse sessions spanning two days.

Additionally, a competitive pitching spectacle is set to unveil pragmatic innovations within the blockchain sphere. Through a secure, decentralized network, enterprises and institutions can adopt a fresh approach, fostering global collaborations.

Newconomics Event at Web Summit: Distinguished Speakers and Exploring the Future of Web3

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Esteemed orators gracing the event encompass luminaries such as Sam Weeks from Google, Erika Decker Wykes-Sneyd representing Adidas, Cyrus Fazel of SwissBorg, Jason Fox of SAS Who Dares Wins, Lauren Ingram from Women of Web3, and more distinguished speakers yet to be unveiled.

Moreover, these luminaries will delve into an array of captivating subjects. These topics include the democratization of DeFi, the collaboration between tech titans and emerging trends, the inception of new economic landscapes, and their profound impact on countless lives.

They will also explore global challenges, the synergy between AI and collective wisdom, and the development of the next billion-dollar platform while prioritizing user data integrity. For more information on the event itinerary, you can explore further details here.

Maxime Sebti, Director of Growth at HUMAN Protocol, articulated:

“Web3 is more than just crypto currencies and expensive jpegs, the world of the token can be exploited in so many ways and we hope to show this to everyone who joins us for the talks and networking.”

Furthermore, a web3 startup pitch-off is on the agenda, extending the prospect of securing a $15,000 grant through sponsorship by the HUMAN Protocol Foundation’s Grant Program. Aspiring startups can enlist their participation here.

Participants will have the opportunity to network with vanguard global enterprises shaping the forthcoming economic landscapes of Web3.

Andreas Schemm, Director of Ecosystem and Operations at the HUMAN Protocol Foundation, remarked:

“We’re not in competition with Web Summit, but there will be a lot of Web3 curious people there who would like to get their hands dirty and really understand this technology. We invite everyone to join us and hear more about what it really means to work in a decentralised way.”

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