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Bracket Labs Launches Testnet for Passages, an Arbitrum-Based Volatility Market

Bracket Labs, a finalist in Binance’s 2023 Summer Web3 Reality Show “Build The Block,” has introduced the testnet for Passages. This Arbitrum-based volatility market product aims to be a one-click range-bound trading platform with leveraged volatility options designed to thrive in various market conditions.

The platform boasts a team with experience from prominent financial institutions, adding depth to their offerings.

Taurus SA and Elliptic Partner to Enhance Banking-Grade Security and Compliance

Taurus SA, a FINMA-regulated custody and tokenization technology provider, has joined forces with Elliptic, a global leader in cryptoasset risk management.

The partnership aims to provide robust security and compliance solutions to the digital asset market. Taurus will integrate Elliptic’s wallet screening tool into Taurus-PROTECT, enhancing their ability to manage AML and fraud risks while adhering to regulatory standards.

Spheron Addresses Web3 Infrastructure Issues in Phase 2 of Its Roadmap

Spheron, a specialist in Web3 infrastructure, has embarked on phase 2 of its roadmap. The primary focus is on improving user experience (UX), enhancing security, and boosting the reliability of the existing Web3 infrastructure layer.

The startup secured $7 million in funding in August 2022 from various investors, further supporting its mission to refine Web3 infrastructure.

ARPA Network Launches Randcast, a Secure Random Number Generator on Optimism

ARPA Network has introduced Randcast, a secure random number generator, on Optimism, a layer-2 blockchain built on Ethereum. Randcast’s objective is to provide a more secure and dynamic experience for on-chain games and autonomous digital worlds.

It fills a crucial gap by offering a mature and secure random number solution on the Optimism network.

Acme Beta Launch Aims to Simplify On-Chain Transactions

Acme, an intent-based network, has announced its beta launch at GITEX in Dubai. The platform is focused on simplifying on-chain transactions and promoting secure digital asset exchanges with a single tap.

Backed by Safe, a pioneering account abstraction infrastructure provider, and Gelato, a Web3 service provider, Acme is poised to play a pivotal role in the Web3 ecosystem.

Dfinity Foundation Develops Recycling Incentive Technology

The initiative demonstrates how blockchain technology can be used to encourage environmentally responsible behaviors.

The Dfinity Foundation, a contributor to the Internet Computer blockchain (ICP), is working on technology to create a global standard for incentivizing recycling activities. The initiative demonstrates how blockchain technology can be used to encourage environmentally responsible behaviors.

Unstoppable Domains Partners with Webacy for Enhanced Wallet Security

Unstoppable Domains, a platform for user-owned digital identities, has partnered with Webacy, a crypto-wallet security protocol backed by Gary Vaynerchuk. This integration will provide users with a “safety score” to assess wallet risk levels. It will help users make informed decisions and enabling them to trigger a Panic Button for asset protection.

EOS Network Foundation Enables Trustless Bridging of USDT from Native Layer

The EOS Network Foundation (ENF) has announced that EOS EVM v0.6.0 is now live on the main network. This release includes trustless bridging of USDT from the EOS Native layer to the EOS EVM. It marks a significant development in cross-layer asset management.

Contango’s cPerps Expands to Optimism After Successful Launch on Arbitrum

Contango, a decentralized market that builds futures on top of money markets, has introduced its flagship product, cPerps, on the Optimism network.

cPerps are powered by a looping strategy on money markets using flash loans and have integrated with Aave, a leading lending market in DeFi. The expansion aims to leverage more chains and money markets for broader adoption.

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