Polygon Labs, renowned for developing scaling networks for Ethereum, has undergone a significant shift towards “Polygon CDK,” a blockchain development kit employing zero-knowledge cryptography.

This transition signifies a departure from the older “Polygon Edge,” previously utilized by Dogechain in its attempt to establish a Dogecoin-oriented smart-contracts network.

Polygon’s Shift from Polygon Edge to CDK

Polygon Labs has officially withdrawn support for Polygon Edge, an earlier blockchain template utilized by Dogechain, as the company redirects its focus towards zero-knowledge cryptography technology within the Polygon CDK framework. The deprecation of Polygon Edge precedes the shift in Polygon’s approach to embrace zero-knowledge cryptography as a fundamental technology.

Dogechain’s Use of Polygon Edge and Lack of Official Affiliation

Dogechain, a project initiated last year, utilized Polygon Edge to construct a network aimed at integrating Ethereum-style smart contracts, allowing Dogecoin’s DOGE tokens to pay for transactions, known as gas fees.

However, it’s important to note that Dogechain’s efforts did not receive an official endorsement from top leaders of the Dogecoin community, including the Dogecoin Foundation.

Polygon Labs Transitions to Polygon CDK, Impacts Dogechain

Polygon Labs conveyed its transition towards zero-knowledge cryptography technology earlier this year, leading to the launch of Polygon zkEVM and subsequently emphasizing the adoption of Polygon CDK. Numerous projects, such as Immutable, Astar, Canto, Gnosis Pay, and Manta Network, have committed to utilizing Polygon CDK, highlighting its emerging significance within the blockchain ecosystem.

Uncertain Future for Dogechain and Dogecoin

It remains unclear how Dogechain’s operations roadmap might be affected by Polygon’s decision to phase out support for Polygon Edge.

Although attempts to gather comments from Dogechain were unsuccessful, Polygon Labs suggested that while some projects might migrate to Polygon CDK. Others could eventually integrate into the unified CDK ecosystem.

The lack of official ties between Dogecoin and Dogechain underscores potential challenges in aligning strategies following Polygon’s shift in focus.

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