ETHGlobal is a privately owned software development company making significant strides in empowering Ethereum developers and entrepreneurs through its innovative educational and training services. 

Kartik Talwar founded ETHGlobal in 2017, establishing it as a leading provider of a comprehensive learning ecosystem. The company offers a range of programs such as hackathons, showcases, talks, and guides to facilitate learning and skill development.

Furthermore, the company’s primary objective in fact, is to equip individuals with the skills necessary to thrive in the rapidly evolving landscape of Ethereum and blockchain technology. 

ETHGlobal Hackathon: Skill Development and Innovation

By organizing hackathons, ETHGlobal not only teaches participants new skills but also strengthens developer communities and encourages the exploration of cutting-edge technologies. Also, with the collective effort of developers and entrepreneurs, the company aims to push the boundaries of innovation and contribute to the development of the Web3 world.

HackMoney, an example of ETHGlobal Hackathons

Further, ETHGlobal draws upon the extensive experience of its team, which includes individuals who have successfully organized renowned events like ETHMexico with over $150,000 in prizes, HackMoney 2022 with over $300,000 in prizes and DAOHacks with over $50,000 in prizes. 

Since 2017, ETHGlobal and its Hackathon partners have recognized the talents of participants in various hackathon events, collectively awarding them with over $5 million in prizes.

Building a World-Class Ecosystem

Additionally, building on their expertise, ETHGlobal strives to foster a world-class ecosystem of Ethereum developers and entrepreneurs. Further, by providing a platform for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and skill development, the company subsequently aims to nurture a vibrant community that will shape the future of decentralized technology.

ETHGlobal’s founder, Kartik Talwar on stage with Ethereum founder,  Vitalik Buterin during ETHAmsterdam 2022

Headquartered at 1 Market Street in San Francisco, California, ETHGlobal operates at the heart of the technology and innovation hub. Moreover, through its well-organized hackathons, the company has successfully attracted participants from around the globe, creating a diverse and inclusive environment that fosters creativity and collaboration.

Notably, ETHGlobal’s commitment to education and innovation has garnered recognition and appreciation from the Ethereum community and beyond. In addition, by bringing together talented individuals and providing them with the necessary resources and guidance, ETHGlobal Hackathon has become a catalyst for groundbreaking ideas and projects.

ETHGlobal Hackathon in Waterloo is currently ongiong

ETHGlobal Hackathon Calendar

HackathonDateVenuePrizeApplication Deadline
ETHGlobal WaterlooJune 23 – 25, 2023Lazaridis School of Business and Economics.64 University Ave W, Waterloo, ON N2L 3C7, Canada$250,000 Available in PrizesApply Here
ETHGlobal ParisJuly 21 – 23, 2023Palais Brongniart.16 Pl. de la Bourse, 75002 Paris, France$400,000 Available in PrizesApply HereSat, July 1, 2023.11:59pm
ETHGlobal New York Sept 22 – 24, 2023Pier Sixty23rd street & West Side Highway, New York, NY 10001, United States$75,000 Available in PrizesApply HereFri, Sept 1, 2023.11:59pm
ETHGlobal OnlineOct 6 – 27, 2023Virtual$25,000 Available in PrizesApply HereWed, Oct 4, 2023.08:59pm
ETHGlobal IstanbulNov 17 – 19, 2023ICC – Istanbul Congress CenterHarbiye, Darülbedai Cd. No:3, 34367 Şişli/İstanbul, Türkiye$75,000 Available in PrizesApply HereWed, Nov 1, 2023.11:59pm

Empowering the Future

ETHGlobal is empowering Ethereum developers, one hackathon at a time

Looking to the future, ETHGlobal is poised to continue its mission of empowering Ethereum developers and entrepreneurs worldwide. By expanding its reach and diversifying its programs through ETHGlobal Hackathon, the company aims to provide even more opportunities for individuals to enhance their skills and contribute to the growth of the blockchain ecosystem. 

ETHGlobal plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of decentralized technologies, driven by its unwavering dedication to fostering innovation and community.


Q: Who can participate in the events?

A: The events welcome builders, including developers, designers, as well as artists, who  are interested in participating in hackathons and wish to create or contribute to projects.

Q: Are the events free?

A: Attending the event is completely free for all participants, including food. However, hackers are requested to commit a small refundable amount of cryptocurrency as a “stake” to secure their spot. 

Q: Are newbies allowed to participate?

A: Individuals at all skill levels are welcome, whether they are newcomers or seasoned veterans in the Web3 realm. The events specifically cater to attendees who possess prior knowledge of Web2 technologies and are intrigued by the prospect of venturing into the world of Web3 development for the first time.

Q: Can one participate remotely?

A: The majority of the events are organized as in-person gatherings, requiring all participants to physically attend. However, the virtual event allows for remote participation.

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