ETHGlobal is a powerhouse in the blockchain community that continues to take the lead in helping Ethereum developers and entrepreneurs thrive. This is by organizing hackathons that bring together developers, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts from around the globe. These events serve as hotbeds for ideas and projects that push the boundaries of what’s possible with web3 technologies.

Their impact is evident through the orchestration of over 50 hackathons and summits. This has attracted a diverse community of over 70,000 members worldwide. Further, these gatherings have been instrumental in generating a remarkable tally of over 6,000 innovative projects, with participants collectively securing prizes totaling $4.5 million. Notably, these endeavors have contributed to the impressive sum of over $250 million raised by the companies involved.

In previous articles, we talked about some of their past hackathons, shining a spotlight on events such as ETHWaterloo and Superhack. We explored the partnerships made, the valuable skills participants acquired, and the noteworthy prizes they secured.

Now, the stage is set for yet another exciting virtual hackathon! ETHOnline!

Gearing Up for Excellence – ETHOnline 2023

ETHOnline is an event that started back in 2020 because ETHGlobal wanted to adapt to changes happening in the world. At first, it was a practical solution to challenges. Now, it has transformed into a virtual spectacle that’s just as exciting as in-person events. 

ETHOnline is between Oct 6- Oct 27, 2023

The online space has now become a thriving hub for the brightest minds in blockchain and web3, showcasing the incredible progress made over the past three years. Now, ETHOnline 2023 is upon us as the latest iteration of the event.

Curated Summits, Partnerships, and Prizes

ETHOnline 2023 goes beyond just a hackathon. It features carefully organized summits that delve into the most important events and insights in the blockchain and web3 world. Renowned speakers and judges will share their expertise, bringing valuable perspectives to the participants. 

Expect insights from Rara Zaidi from Scroll, Zak Ayesh representing Filecoin, David Philips from Mask Network, Austin Griffith from Ethereum Foundation, Tony Olendo from Polygon Labs, and a roster of other industry visionaries. It’s an excellent opportunity to gain knowledge from experts at the forefront of the field. 

Additionally, ETHOnline 2023 is all set to deliver an all-around incredible experience. This is all thanks to its fantastic partnerships with key players and industry leaders like Scroll, Spark, Apecoin, Polygon, Chainlink, and so on.

What does that mean for participants? A super interesting and diverse experience! These partners bring a lot to the table, making the event not just about hacking but also about learning and connecting with the best in the business. 

With a total of $225,000 USD up for grabs, this is not your average competition. The prize pool is diverse, featuring $20,000 in Scroll and Spark prizes, $10,000 in Mask, Polygon, Safe, UMA, and Apecoin prizes, and an additional $5,000 in Chainlink, Aztec, and Uniswap foundation prizes, among others. 

Whether you’re a coding maestro or a creative genius, there’s a prize category tailored for you. It’s a big opportunity for creative minds to show their skills. Additionally, collaborate with industry leaders, and walk away with some well-deserved cash rewards.

List of prizes to be won in the hackathon

ETHOnline 2023 is not just an event; it’s a celebration of the incredible minds shaping the future of decentralized technologies. Drawing on their extensive experience, it’s evident that the ETHGlobal team is committed to creating a world-class environment for developers and entrepreneurs alike.

Missed the Boat? More Opportunities Await with ETHGlobal

While the application window for ETHOnline may have closed, the journey doesn’t end here. ETHGlobal assures enthusiasts that there are plenty more opportunities on the horizon. Two noteworthy upcoming events are ETHGlobal Istanbul and ETHIndia 2023.

Stay tuned to this space for updates about upcoming events that will continue to push the boundaries of innovation in blockchain and web3.

A Beacon in the Landscape

What sets ETHGlobal apart is not just the hackathons they organize, but their dedication to providing resources that extend beyond the event duration. This includes assistance in securing leading speakers, judges, and sponsors from the blockchain space. 

By connecting developers with industry experts and resources, ETHGlobal ensures that the impact of these hackathons reverberates long after the final lines of code are written.

ETHGlobal, Convener of ETHOnline.

As we revel in the ongoing ETHOnline and look forward to the upcoming hackathons, it’s clear that ETHGlobal is not merely orchestrating events; they are part architects of a decentralized future. The momentum gained from their past successes propels them forward, inspiring a new wave of innovation in the ecosystem.


Q: Who is welcome at this event?

A: ETHGlobal events specifically target builders—developers, designers, and artists—keen on crafting or contributing to projects throughout the hackathon.

Q: Is there an attendance fee?

A: Attending the event is entirely free for participants. However, hackers are asked to ‘stake’ a small amount of cryptocurrency as a confirmation of their spot. The staked amount is fully refunded upon active participation in the hackathon and the submission of a project. This holds true regardless of whether the project is only partially completed, by the end of the event.

Q: Is remote participation allowed for this event?

A: Absolutely! This event is exclusively conducted remotely, so feel free to join from wherever you are.

Q: Can my friend or teammate, who missed the deadline for the virtual hackathon, still become part of my team?

A: If your friend or teammate has received acceptance to participate in our virtual hackathon, they are still eligible to secure their spot and join your team.

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